Adrián Salvador en Harpers Bazaar

Adrián Salvador en Harpers Bazaar


Adrián Salvador, our handbags’ designer is one  of  the  sixteen most interesting Spaniards projects for 2016 by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Along with Juan Antonio Bayona, Elena Ochoa, the Adriá brothers or María Valverde, among others, the designer of ONESIXONE has come to occupy a privileged place in the list of this year’s most promising Spanish projects.

Even the New York Times has echoed this young Valencian talent.  Creative director of the firm Siemprevivas (former designer in J. Mendel, Peter Pilotto and Adolfo Dominguez), Adrián has launched the ONESIXONE handbag brand, which already has several followers. On the skin prints the works of art like those of Vicky Uslé, something that has thought to do with a different creator in each collection. For now, in New York already adore him.   


Pure Talent


With the collection Onesixone (or 1-6-1, referring to the first three figures of the golden number), Adrián Salvador Candela converts the skin of a bag into canvas for a work of art. This exclusive line will consist of 161 pieces, with three models and three different prints. The first canvas transformed in bag by Adrián Salvador has been by the artist Vicky UsléAnd there will be a different creator for each model, like Anna Talens or Kelly Beeman.

Works of art stamped on the skin of a bag. The Onesixone collection, by Adrián Salvador Candela, has made this young designer trained in the CEU-UCH one of the most promising Spaniards of 2016. This is what Harper’s Bazaar magazine has just included in the list of Spaniards “The most buoyant project agenda of 2016”. Great chefs like Ferrán Adriá or Ángel León, actors like Mario Casas, María Valverde or Paco León, the windsurfing champion Marina Alabau, the singer Pablo Alborán or the writer Maria Duenas are part of this list in which Adrián Salvador has opened his own hollow, designing bags.


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