Limited edition handbags

Why our limited edition handbags have become coveted pieces? When someone buys a handbag from Onesixone, that person is not only getting an exclusive and numbered accessory but also an artistic creation full of inspiration. It is the unique influence of an artist chosen by our brand to design a collection that constitutes the ideal combination of tradition, profoundness, and innovation.

Our collaborators apply their creativity on basic designs, created by Adrián Salvador and Helena Rohner, which follow the golden ratio proportions thus making them new according to their own concepts and giving them new prints and ends. Every collection has one hundred and sixty one units only, as our name states. Our branded ladies handbags are making an impressive debut thanks to their distinct concept and their ability to meet the raising expectations based on their premise.

Limited edition and artistic content handbags

Our exclusive handbag collections offer our clients the possibility of wearing innovative and unique interpretations on the basis of a classic balanced design and the incomparable charm of an artisan manufacture. On every step of the process, from previous conceptualization to final elaboration, a great deal of talent and efforts are devoted and that is something noticeable in the richness of the collections we sell. These collections are logically worth more because they are limited in number. Those who seek new handbag designers cannot miss this offer which is already placed in top-level boutiques and magazines.