Ladies bag’s brands

Those who are interested in fashion always try to find innovative ladies handbag's brands and unique lines of designs. Onesixone's proposal offers innovative and unique creations that you can buy as a gift or wear as an eye-catching accessory. We have minded every detail of our design concept to open an unknown door to acceptance and introduce a new view into fashion. Thus, visual arts have become the new handbags designers that every six months change in order to express their interpretation of the concept on our elegant and recognizable handbags.

One of the emergent ladies handbag's brands in the market

As a result, we have created limited and exclusive collections with noticeable shapes that have allowed us to identify ourselves as a renowned and innovative women's handbags firm. Our handbags' shape is well-defined but also "open" to the imaginative contribution of our creative artists. And this is thanks to the master lines inspired by the golden ratio. Here is a luxury range of handbags that is something more than just an expensive handbag, with limited and minded units that enhance the beauty of the artist-created designs.  

Our handbags are produced by leather experts that use artisan techniques. Therefore, the Spanish tradition of treating leather adds a unique value to the basics of our designs and the daring contemporaneousness or the artists that define our collections, thus giving to every single one of these expensive designer handbags unique hand-made details.