Kelly Beeman: Fashion illustrator for Onesixone

7 November 2018

Fashion artist and illustrator Kelly Beeman is the third artist to collaborate with luxury handbag brand Onesixone. She has also worked with Elie Saab, Loewe and J.W. Anderson

Who she is

Kelly Beeman is a self-taught fashion illustrator based in New York.

She has worked with a number of renowned brands including Elie Saab, Tory Burch, Loewe and J.W. Anderson.

Her work has been published in Vogue China, Vogue Korea, Marie Claire Italy, InStyle, Interview Magazine and Numero Tokyo.

Though she considers herself shy, Kelly remains active on social media, where she shares her work, inspiration and even her studio; a window into her world where one can appreciate and come to understand each brushstroke.

Works and inspiration

Her work features black and white contours that paint a portrait of a vibrant world composed by garments and items in daily life. There is a focus on figures; principally women with angular faces and intense gazes.

Beeman is deeply interested in the relationship between fashion and culture, and is inspired by fashion as an aspect that is always present in daily life. By “dressing” the characters in her paintings, she uses fashion as a tool to create personalities, stories and context. She explores the meaning of trends and personal appearance in modern culture.

Her connection and prominence in the fashion world is essential, which is why her personalized collection for Onesixone was a natural collaboration.


Bags Beyond Kelly Beeman

Beeman’s work for Onesixone features unique designs created specifically for the bags. In her own words, “In my creation for Onesixone, I was inspired by the idea of connection, approach and human conflict in a series of works in which fragments of faces, bodies and nature form an abstract representation of unity”.

Though Kelly Beeman currently resides in New York, during her collaboration with the leather handbag brand the artist enjoyed intense days of work and inspiration in Ubrique alongside creative director Adrian Salvador; to create what is now available as Bags Beyond Kelly Beeman.

In addition to the brand’s iconic Gaia bag, her collection contains a new and entirely different model. The Gea bag enjoys its own harmony and meaning.
For this collection, illustrator Kelly Beeman has represented her work in a completely new technique for the brand: embroidery. It is a technique that has a powerful metaphoric meaning; to be alive is to be interlaced with other living beings.

In the Gaia Small model we discover two evening bags, one in blue with black embroidery, and the other in white with monochromatic embroidery and metallic handles. It is exquisiteness refined in a bag; a work of art engraved in leather.

We also find the models Girls and Chairs and Youth, characterized by a color and a powerful feminine spirit.

The largest version of the Gaia is has three different designs. The Nature and Face models stand out with a range of blue tones and the presence of women and traces of nature that characterize Kelly Beeman’s work.

The spectacular Bodies Nude’s motive is in line with the values that make Onesixone a brand that promote the empowerment of today’s woman.
Finally, there is the new Gea model, which follows the parameters set by the golden ratio with a geometric shape. Its design culminates with an additional gold chain and leather inner lining.