As much as we want to resist, winter has begun and there is no turning back. Have you already changed your station clothes? Or are you waiting to know what the trends are in case you have to upgrade? Open the doors of your wardrobe wide to receive, in pairs, the trends that will be all this winter 2019.



Two types of shoes


Who has not ever followed that urge to start dress by the feet? For these months what your feet will always want to wear will be the boots with laces and a bit of heel, witch style. Of neutral color, preferably dark: gray, navy blue or black. They will be your best companions during the winter for two reasons: for being comfortable and warm and for their versatility.

The antagonist of these boots are the military type one. Dr. Martens already introduced them in our stylistic database a few years ago, but it has been in these last few months when this trend has undoubtedly prevailed in our streets. With half-height also, with many laces and maxi sole, this is the flat version of this winter’s basic footwear. Great with any type of garment if you want to give a grunge touch to your outfit.



Two types of bottoms



Skirt or pants? It is true that pants are the best option when the cold threatens, and this year the corduroy fabric has replaced the leather. So, it is not surprising that this winter do not stop seeing them everywhere. They are high-waisted and wide from the waist, as well as the stylist and blogger Bettina Looney combines successfully it with our Hobo Endless Clutch.


Bettina Looney with the Hobo Endless Clutch




However, although it is comfortable to wear pants daily, a skirt is an irrefutable yes in the winter months. The midi skirts are the most! Elegant and simple, you can choose them with flight, with some opening, uneven and fun, with belts to add character … Our favorites are the pleats, beautiful in any color!



Two types of tops



The must of this winter are the turtlenecks sweater. Combine them with your favorite blazer and you’ll have a super elegant and stylized result. Choose the neutral colors and play to make the total color, for example with white or nude tones.

Using the previous trend as precedent, jackets or blazers will be the companions of one of the top duos this winter. The most popular are the crossed, buttoned, with wide lapels like the smoking jacket. And if you decide to infuse seriousness to your outfit, wear the jacket and pants or jacket and skirt, because this duo has returned to our lives and we cannot be more excited !



Two patterns

Gaia Fibonacci Python Blue from Aurea Collection

Gaia Fibonacci Python Blue

Present in all garments: the classic tartan, in burgundy or navy blue colors on pale backgrounds; On the other hand, the acclaimed animal print, which arrived this autumn and has already been welcomed with great vehemence in our cabinets, is playing with everything it catches in its wake: booties, jackets, coats, handkerchiefs, bags …



Two accessories for your head



This year the catwalks have been filled with accessories, and of all, the favorites have been the different types of hats and caps. Although each designer has present this accessory to their way, the most flattering ones are the borsalino style in boiled wool of various winter prints, or those sailor’s cap, such as the one worn by Anisa Sojka in the photo.


Anisa Sojka con Gaia Mineral Bronze


In addition another ideal accessory in this season that has been topping the most elegant events are the headbands and turbans that have become the perfect option for guests who want to escape from traditional headdresses or hats.



Two kind of handbags



We had already revealed to you what would be the five Onesixone bags that would keep you in save the winter season. And here we are going to remind you of the two types that we like the most and better combine with the trends of the season. First of all: an Hobo Endless. Large, elegant, leathery, and super versatile. Second: a Gaia. Stylish, super chic and plenty of variants, such as those in Vicky Uslé’s collection. All are a dream !

Gaia Small Basalt from Vicky Uslé's collection

Gaia Small Basalt