December is coming. It is the Christmas month but also the month of events and dinners: dinners with friends, company dinner, family dinner, Christmas and 31st of December… For all of them, we spend a special time looking for the perfect outfit.

Although December always comes with cold and rain, it shouldn’t be an obstacle if you want to look stunning and wear comfortable in spite of the cold weather. Here we propose you the best trends to success during your dinners:

Velvet garments.

The velvet is one of the most elegant fabrics in the world, this is why it must be in your wardrobe this winter.

You can find this trend on trousers, bodies and blazers.

A safe bet is going to be a suit jacket in velvet. You can find it in burgundy, green, night blue or mustard.

Add your personal touch by choosing between a basic t-shirt, a lingerie blouse or a body.

The business woman and influencer Ays Yuva wears an elegant suit jacket in green velvet, and a classic white blouse. She decided to combine it with a Onesixone handbag, Gaia Small Girls&Chairs


traje de chaqueta de terciopelo

Ays Yuva carrying Onesixone handbag Girls&Chairs. 


Pailletes textures: the classic sequins.

It isn´t new that the sequins has always been the best option for a Christmas outfit, specially for the 31st December, but this year, you are going to find it on the most versatile garments. They are indispensable for this Christmas.

You will success with a short dress full of sequins.

Without any doubt, the best basic for your wardrobe will always be a blazer full of sequins in gold or silver tones. So simple to combine that you are just going to need a pair of black trousers and leather boats.

Satin and chains.

Satén Satin is that soft and comfy fabric that will always bring elegance to any outfit.

The classic satin blouses have always been present in our wardrobe in beige, nude, soft pink… This year satin garments are full of chain prints. This trends, that comes from the iconic firm Versace is going to transmit elegance and sophistication to our outfits, in dresses, blouses, trousers, midi skirts and even scarfs.

A bet with which you will not go unnoticed.

The entrepreneur and influencer Maria Bernad wear with so much style a satin blouse with Onesixone handbag Gaia Large Corona. 


It is fashionable the retro earrings, in gold colour, big size, with coloured stones.. Earrings that brings luminosity to your face.

But without any doubt, the best accessory for events and parties is a mini handbag, with round metallic handle, detail that brings elegance and commodity as it is easier to carry. The metallic handbags of Anna Talens collection for Onesixone are our favourites.

If you want to know more about this winter 2018/19 trends, this article may also interest you. 

Whatever you decide to wear for Christmas, do not forget to be loyal to your own style and feel always comfortable and sure about yourself.

What are you going to wear for Christmas? Which Onesixone handbag do you choose? We can´t wait to hear your proposals!