ONESIXONE is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, known as the Golden Ratio, being represented by the number 161 or Phi number. Everything that is beautiful to the human eye is represented by this number.

The Golden Ratio is synonymous of balance, harmony and beauty, which is what ONESIXONE pieces reflect.


This divine proportion is a source of imagination and inspiration for the brand. The sense of harmony and what the number represents is being reflected in the brand philosophy, as well as its relationship with nature and architecture which represents the beauty. Some people even believe in the mysticism of it.

endless natureThere are many other mathematical relations and curiosities between the number Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence. Both appear frequently in the number of petals on a flower and in the spirals of plants. The key position and proportion of many animals are based on the Phi number, as it could be appreciated in the body proportion of an ant and other insects, the size of the wings and the location of the eyes of a butterfly, the spirals of the sea shells and the position of the dorsal fins of the dolphins. Even more fascinating is the appearance of this number on the human being: face, body, fingers, teeth and even DNA and the impact it has of our perception of human beauty. The beauty in women and men is based on how close the proportions of the person are to the dimensions of the Phi number.

The mathematical properties of Phi occur among the great historical creations. Both the base and the height and the hypotenuse of the Great Egyptian Pyramids seems to represent the Golden Ratio. Leonardo Da Vinci used Phi, known in 1500 as “The Divine Proportion” in many of his paintings, as did artists like Raphael, Sandro Botticelli and Georges Seurat. The dimensions of the precious Stradivarius violins, constructed around the year 1700, also shows the relation to Phi number, playing an important role in the music.

proporcion aurea en la naturalezaMore recent applications of the Golden Ratio in architecture can be appreciated in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the United Nations headquarter in New York, and the CN Tower in Toronto. It is also usually used by many of the most important multinational companies in the design of logos and products.

The description of this Golden Ratio as the Divine Proportion fits perfectly as it is seen as a new deep way of understanding which beauty and the spirit of life, revealing a hidden harmony in most of the things we see.

It is an important role which the Phi number is playing, but it is also worth remembering, one more time, that this number has always played an essential role in the history  of humanity and in the fundamental principles of life. It is not easy to define the line that divided the mathematical aspects from the mystics’ aspects.

Each unit is unique and is numbered in a sequence of just 161 units, which makes every single ONESIXONE handbag a part of a collection.

Each collection is intervened by a prestigious artist who reflects in each bag his vision of harmony and beauty, which makes him a small work of art.

The contemporary design converges with the careful elaboration of master artisans since 1752.

ONESIXONE is National Crafts Prize

Each bag includes a “book of art” with the inspiration of the artist that intervenes the bag and the genesis of the work.


A meeting of contemporary design and artisan elaboration


Exclusivity in each unique and numbered piece, with functionality.


Fascination for any contemporary and future artistic manifestation.


Each handbag reflects harmony and femininity, in all its aspects, through an experiential and sensitive speech.