A limited collection of only 161 units based on the Golden Ratio.

The handbag is a blank canvas in which in each collection, an artist reflect his art creating collections of only 161 units that combine fashion, art and exclusivity, always searching the harmony, the beauty and the balance, elements that define the Golden Ratio, that it is the inspiration of ONESIXONE

Each work reflect the deepest values of  the crafts with the techniques most innovative, making of each handbag a collection piece.


Gaia was the Mother of Gods and the Great Mother of all the Creation. She represents the femininity, the power and the nurture. She was considered the Gods of Fertility. Gaia reminds us our conexión with the Earth and with all the creation. Symbol of balance, the beauty and the power of femininity.



One of the multiple names that have the golden ratio comes from the nineteenth letter of the greek alphabet TAU. Also known as the divine proportion, it is synonimun of balance, harmony and beauty. Likewise TAU was considered the God of Sun in some civilizations.




Also written as Gaea, it is the personification of the Earth and one of the main greek gods. Gea is the ancestral mother of the life: the primitive god of the Mother Earth. An versatile design that represents our brand aroma.



The Endless family (infinite) was created using the moulding techniques of the leather based on the Anna Talens work “Wind holders”. As its name implies, it is a infinite volume and organic designed for the repetition of a pattern representing the eternal balance, endless and repetitive proper to the golden ratio in which the handbags of ONESIXONE collection are based.



Adrián Salvador

Adrián Salvador

Creative Director

“I think the luxury is in space, in a lifestyle, in an attitude but not in a golden object or bright gem. In ONESIXONE we integrate different aesthetics: A brutal view with a romantic dream, building, thereby, a dialogue between nature and architecture.”

Adrian Salvador has amassed an impressive resume of design industry experience between Valencia, London and New York. From fashion designer to curator and now creative director of ONESIXONE, salvador’s years of experience have resulted in a broad knoledge in the industry from all sides. Adrian finds himself travelling to and throughout the world, looking for emerging artists to take part as curator of the brand during each collection. Salvador and the artist will travel every month to a small town of centenary tradition of craftsmanship in leather at Andalusia to work with the local artisans, experience the diverse culture of the country and discover new inspirations for the brand.


Elena Ronher

Elena Ronher


“Honesty, in the sense that there does not have to be imposed on the person using it. comfort, fitting well in it’s place or a twist to make it interesting”

Born in las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Helena Rohner is currently one of the spanish creators of jewelry best known internationally. Awarded with the “Fine Arts Medal of honor” by the King of spain. established in her studio/shop of Madrid, helena has been the responsible to design the hardware of the handbags. The pureness of lines, the simplicity of shapes and the original way to combine silver with surprising materials like porcelain or wood is inherent to helena Rohner’s jewellery. Jewelry that is recognizable with its serenity and strength of design. helena’s development in design has been influenced by her surroundings and the people she has collaborated with. Present in her work is the magic of Florence, the vitality of london and the luminosity of Madrid. Creations that go beyond the jeweler world into objects in stoneware and wood, lamps and ultimately an exclusive design for the established company Georg Jensen, Kahler, Bodum and Munio.