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The quality is in the details.

That’s what matters most at


4 JUNE 2019

From the creative director and artisans to the person who packs and ships your bag, all details are taken care of 100%. The idea is that you can enjoy this work of art for years to come.

Much can be said about the quality and details of a OneSixOne bag but you will never really understand what we are talking about until you see and hold it in your own hands.

Inside of quality.

When it is said that Onesixone handbags are made entirely of leather, we are talking about the same beautiful leather found on the outside can be found in the inside lining. We craft our bags with beautiful pockets made to hold all your valuables from phone to credit cards.

Jewellery in a handbag.

The quality in the details continues… The prestigious designer Helena Rohner has been the one who has designed the hardware that takes care of the corners of the bag and protects it from the daily use… The hardware we use is fashion forward and practical.

Dress it as you like.

The versatility of design and its timelessness in terms of colors and patterns makes our bags ideal or any outfit, day or night. That is why the inclusion of a removable strap is part of all our OneSixOne handbag designs.

The Packaging

It is not just about acquiring a bag and being able to wear it, but also the pride you feel about having a limited-edition bag. It is presented inside a plush bag with the logo of the brand, which protects it from any damage, and inside a box of ample dimensions that allows storing it with total security. The intention of this packaging is that you can preserve your Onesixone bag and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Included in the packaging, there is a book that summarizes the work of the artist in collaboration with the creative director Adrian Salvador.

Customer Service

Finally, customer service is personalized and done any way the client prefers. We are available to assist with any concern, product questions or if needing fashion advise.

Meta: The quality in the details is essential in luxury handbags. In Onesixone we take care of all the details so that your bag is a real work of art for years.

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