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The luxury bag, from the

perspective of Greta


30 NOVEMBER 2018

Greta Fernández: “The power of a bag can be very strong”.

Young actress Greta Fernandez gives an interview to Glamor Spain magazine, where she declares her passion for luxury handbags. The interpreter focuses on the power of a good bag, which is able to completely transform a look depending on the way it is weared, while highlighting the personality that it can provide to an outfit. Greta defends that the bag is a versatile piece, capable of reflecting the identity of whoever wears it.

In a recent interview given by young Spanish actress Greta Fernandez to Gamour Spain magazine, the interviewer asked her about how a handbag may identify her, to which she replied: “It should be like luxury: comfortable and versatile.” After her answer, she was asked again why to invest in a luxury bag: “The best things in life are free, and the second best are very expensive.” “I think the power of a bag, depending on how you use it, can be very strong. My favorite bag, I can wear it with any other ítem of clothing, and it is a complement that helps the whole outfit to stand out. A bag always says a lot about your personality. “That is why it is important to choose this complement according to our personality, so that through its design and the materials it is made with, it is able to transmit a lot of who we are, with what we identify… A bag is, in short, a reflection of ourselves. ONESIXONE handbags aim to be the reflection of a modern, cultured woman with a strong personality, who is interested in art that is transformed into beautiful pieces and creations that turn to be premium quality handbags. From the choice of the most select leather – from Ubrique – to the tradition and craftsmanship that is indicated in our delicate finish, passing through the elegance of the accessories created by Helena Rohner, and the exclusive designs that give life to our pieces, being a work of our creative director, Adrián Salvador, ONESIXONE luxury handbags aim to be the personal and strong reflection that every woman of today would feel flattered to have.

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