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Onesixone is ahead of 2018

and launches its new website

12 DECEMBER 2018

Minimalism, elegance and design are some of the adjectives that can describe the new Onesixone website. The brand presents a light and pleasant site that focuses on the values of its most artistic bags and in facilitating a pleasant user experience.

A greater effort has been made to show the fundamental values of the firm and the art that surrounds it, so attached to it, that it has made these leather bags a unique cult object.

Thinking about the customer

The web is created with two aspects:

For those who do not have time a purchase more fast and easy.

When the customer knows what he wants, he can quickly access a simplified purchasing process, superfluous steps have been eliminated and he can go directly to buy, if that is what he wants.


For retailers, who like to investigate, they can discover Onesixone.

The web is light, but only in appearance. There is a lot of “hidden” information thought for those who want to know more about something concrete just have to click.

The brand carries a great artistic, symbolic and material load that provides added values that are sometimes unknown. Issues such as that only 161 numbered and certified units are manufactured from each bag, or that the artist who designs the collection expresses his inspiration in a book that is edited and given away with the purchase of the bag, that the manufacture is handmade and performs in Ubrique (Spain) because they are the ones that best take care of the skin that forms the bags.


The bag, the protagonist

The client has spoken and we have listened, the new product card allows you to buy without more, directly, but also gives you access to everything you need to know to be sure that your chosen bag is the right one.

All the information of the product, as well as links to enlarge it, can be found by clicking on the drop-down menus in the lower area, as well as the images of the bag above and the model below.

The Artist Collections and their creators

The artists behind the collections deserve to continue having a prominent place where they can learn more about their inspiration in the creation of the collections that bear their name.

Describing how art is created is not simple, but nobody better than its architects to express it.

Security and tranquility

Security has always been a priority in the brand and continues to be so, secure payments with encrypted data as guaranteed by law are guaranteed, and the entire website has been protected, not just the store. So you can navigate with absolute tranquility.

The Window to the World

Onesixone is an international brand, so the Gallery of influencers, celebrities and personalities who wore a bag of this signature in different events could not miss.

Neither the corner of the press, written and digital, which includes the numerous appearances in international media of this brand of Spanish origin.

And more directly, the blog and social networks of Onesixone that allows a more informal and direct interaction with the public.

From the Onesixone team, thank you for being there. We hope you like the new website, after all, it is for and for you

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