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Gea – The Ultimate Handbag

14 JUNE 2019

Our handbag, Gea is an elegant and unique bag, like all Kelly Beeman´s collection to which it belongs to. Kelly´s Collection is inspired in many of her works of art.

The Golden Ratio as inspiration.

The model Gea is a handbag inspired in the Golden Ratio, as it can be appreciated in its geometric shape. Gea, also called Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the primordial Greek deities. Gea is the ancestral mother of all life: the primitive goddess of Mother Earth. A versatile design that represents the aroma of our brand.

This clutch apart from its geometric shape, its interior design contains many details. All of it made in leather, it contains an inside pocket, perfectly made thinking of the women´s tangible needs. It is big enough to keep your lipstick, phone and cards save and sound. We put attention on the details allowing you to wear our bag in several different ways due to the removable strap.


The size, the chain that is included, make of this clutch something easy to wear and easy to carry. You can wear it in an informal way thanks to the shoulder chain, an in a formal way as a clutch in your hand. The versatility in any accessory is essential in order to be able to wear it for any occasion.

The design of this Gea is able in three different patterns:

Gea Clutch Nature: it is based on Kelly´s work Nature. This is a handbag made in leather in blue and nude colors. It contains golden details, designed by the jeweler Helena Rohner.

Gea Clutch Youth: inspired in the art work Youth of the artist Kelly Beeman. The handbag, which is made by leather artisans, contains pink, purple and nude colors. It also has golden details and hardware designed by Helena Rohner.

Gea Clutch Bodies Nude: represents the marvelous work Bodies Nude of the artist Kelly Beeman. It is the most elegant clutch in the collection due to its nude color and the embroideries that delimit the drawing. The edges are painted by hand and with golden details. Definitely, a real beauty on leather that is already part of many Royal wardrobes.

Limited to 161 units.

As it is a model designed by the artist Kelly Beeman, it is a limited edition collection of just 161 numbered bags. That means only 161 fabulous ladies can enjoy owning our Gea, Onesixone handbag.

Born in Spain.

All of our bags are carefully hand crafted in Spain. We are professional Ubrique artisans with background specializing in leather. We carefully treat the leather add the designs and create the bag, resulting in the best quality product for you to enjoy.

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