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5 Reasons

Why a OneSixOne Handbag

Makes the Best Christmas Present

13 DECEMBER 2019

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The time of the year when we go all-out to find the perfect Christmas present for our loved ones, and of course, ourselves.

It can be a tricky challenge to find the perfect Christmas present for someone who has everything. You know you want your gift to stand out and make it a memorable item that holds sentimental value. Something that will be carried with pride, joy, and love.

When it comes to Christmas presents it is those which are extraordinary that tend to steal our hearts and print a beautiful memory in our minds. Onesixone provides the opportunity to make this Christmas memorable for that special someone who deserves all the best.

If you want to know the 5 reasons why a Onesixone handbag makes the best Christmas present, keep on reading to convince yourself that you’ve found The One.

3. Hand-crafted by the best artisans

We make sure we work with the best in their area of expertise; from the best artists to the best craftsmen.

Every inch of every Onesixone handbag has been carefully designed and crafted by the very best.

We work with local craftsmen from Ubrique, Spain. Talented artisans that have been learning their trade from the masters through generations.

4. The best leather in the world

As we mentioned in the previous point, our handbags are made in Ubrique, Spain. The source of the best leathers in the world.

This is the place where other luxury brands seek their raw materials for leather goods.

Ubrique is well known among luxury powerhouses for its expert craftsmen, as well as for their beautiful and soft leathers. Which are carefully treated and handled by experts.

5. Christmas time is for special gifts

Christmas provides several opportunities for socializing and gatherings, many of which you are forced to go to. Family gatherings, work parties, you name it! Christmas is all around.

A Onesixone handbag is a perfect accessory to outclass everyone. With stylish designs and gold-plated 14K hardware, the bling alone will have people’s jaws dropping.

Combined with the timeless designs and exclusivity of each piece, this makes it a Christmas gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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