Jeans or “vaqueros”, as they are known in Spain, has been and will always be this garment that has been with us in every step of our life.

For any age, any style and any moment: little, youngsters and older people, we all have used jeans in any of its version and designs.

They are the fussy garment of fashion and the wild cart for our daily outfits.


But, where do jeans come from?


The most revolutionary and the most classic garment at the same time, with a rock n roll version and a hippie version. Both tight and lose, and both skinny and flared. Whether in trousers, dresses, suits or skirts, the jean fabric has been subject to all kinds of transformations since the world-renowned Levis gave it its name and shape.


With Italian origin, in Genova, it was a young Levis Strauss who patented this textile in 1873 in the USA, with the objective of creating tough trousers, adapted to the working conditions of miners, workers and others employees. This is why the traditional Levis trousers that we nowadays know have small plates in pockets. Who has never had a pair of “Levis”?


A lot has happened since in the 50s, the jeans used to represent the typical “bad boys of Hollywood” like Marlon Brando or James Dean, or Rosie the Riveter, feminism icon of the Industrial Revolution. But this garment has been adapted with such a great versatility that makes it to come back every season, as much as it can be forgotten in the fashion world. It is a mistake. Because it is not only an essential garment in our wardrobe, but also, when wearing it with luxury accessories, as we propose you here, you can always triumph wherever you go.

How to dress your jeans?

Jeans Style Heroine

Foto: @StyleHeroine

Here we propose you 5 ways of wearing your jeans:

  1. The most hippie trend.

The flared trousers are the top garments we have from the 80s. They continued in the 90s and it seems that they are coming back little by little again. If you are a bohemian soul, the style of these trousers will perfectly fits with your personality, and will give you that boho-chic essence you love. Dress it with basic shirts and shoulder bags.

  1. Why not for the office?

Who said that jeans are informal? Since the last decade, we have enjoyed a positive revolution of fashion. It means that nowadays, we can wear any garment in our own style and use it for any occasion. Even at work, also honouring its origins, jeans can be your perfect garment if you wear them with the most adequate accessories. Our advice is to combine them with a blazer and medium heels and a big leather bag.

  1. Night escape.

Who has never been tempted to wear that skinny jean that fits you so well with super high heels? Jeans are also for night parties and dinners. Combine them with a small black leather handbag and you will make your look even better.

  1. Usual moment: I have nothing to wear!

There is nothing better than the trend: straight jeans + white shirt + leather belt. Nobody can resist it. Onesixone advice? Do not miss out how Maria Bernard wears jeans with her Onesixone bag, she is a total expert.

  1. The most comfy outfit.

It can be with your traditional converses, Adidas shoes, the new Balenciaga shoes or the classic Stan Smith, the jeans garment in trousers, suits, skirts or dress allows you to wear comfortable wherever you go with your favourite sneakers.

Jeans and sneakers

Gabriela Palatchi


As we always say, the important thing is to be loyal to yourself and to your own style and make the difference in any of your outfits, thanks to accessories. Carefully chosen, they can totally change a look. We already have or favourite accessory to combine our jeans, and you?

How would you wear your favourite jeans? We want to know!