Empowers Women

How Onesixone Empowers Women

Onesixone is not just a luxury bag brand; it represents the combined efforts of top artists, mathematicians, and awardwinning jewelers and designers. These combined efforts go on to produce some of the most empowering, unique pieces of fashion found in the world today. From creating the perfect fashion statements to the inner workings of the company, there are so many ways that Onesixone empower women that would surprise you. Here’s a deeper look into this highprofile brand.

We’re more than just fashion; we’re art.

Fashion can be looked at from so many different angles and is used to express so much about a person. At Onesixone, this understanding has been taken to the next level by designer Adrian Salvador, combining his expert design skills with the expressive, vibrant work of specially selected artists. Each collection that is released has such an explosive, empowering feeling that simply walking down the street with one of these will lift you above everyone around you, no questions asked.

We focus on hiring female artists

It is not only important that our high fashion products are designed for women by women (with the exception of lead designer Adrian Salvador that is), but that the collaborations between Onesixone and our artists be utilized to show off the artist’s portfolios in order to support and encourage their careers. Not that any of our artists need a free handout though! Their skill, attention to detail and stunning abstract renditions are enough to prove why they are approaching the top of their game. Some artists who have worked with Onesixone include Nanda Botella, Kelly Beeman and Anna Talens, each artist weaving their own perspectives of perfect proportions, the golden ratio, harmony and balance into their collections.

The golden ratio

As mentioned above, designers and artists alike work tirelessly (and geniously) to encapsulate the golden ratio, a specific mathematical ratio that is seen throughout great and ancient architectures, megaliths and nature alike. It is best described as the “divine proportion”, as it also represents physical proportions and shapes within conceptions of beauty. This number rounded to two decimal places is 1.61 and is skillfully expressed in every curve and fold of each bag. Yes, this explains why they are so pleasing to the eye. Simply carrying an artwork with you that is based on the core mathematical principles of not only nature but beauty as well is a statement of your own beauty, divinity, connectedness and more.

Delicate and powerful designs

Onesixone is not here to perpetuate old stereotypes about women’s fashion, it is here to make a loud, powerful statement for all. One look at any Onesixone product and you will instantly notice the combination of soft with bold, hard with delicate, and power with grace. The personalities that have been imbued into these bags with their proportions, designs and artistic flare are not quiet, sheepish personalities; they are roaring lions with refined elegance.

From encouraging and employing talented female artists, showcasing their work to the world at the highest tier of fashion, to producing the perfect bags that radiate balance, power, and the perfect proportions of phi, Onesixone actively works to empower women at every level within their label.