Bags beyond Artist is the idea that emerges from Onesixone and its limited edition collections, created by an artist and developed by artisans of leather.

It is a work of art democratised in a handbag, the exclusivity of a unique object that there just exists 161 units in the world, an extreme quality might be some of the advantages of Onesixone.

The exclusive luxury brand is inspired in a binomial that unifies artisan tradition and contemporary art.

An industrial production would not make sense in our brand vision; it would lose the care and special treatment that each bag received.

We chose to do 161 units of each model, numbered and certificated, as it is done with the serial art works.


The Onesixone Art Collections.

Each artist collection is limited to 161 units of each model (Onesixone). This collection is created by a contemporaneous artist that fits the profile of the brand. It is a difficult election that is made with care. The artist is guided through the process by the creative director, Adrian Salvador.


The artist in the studio.


óleos Vicky Uslé pintando


Each artist has a background, a personal vision, a soul that is reflected on his work. This is what Onesixone wants on its bags. But this is as sensitive as a flower, so we really take care of the artist in order to keep intact his creativity and originality until the end of the process: the handbag that our customers receive as a real piece of art.

The place of work is the studio of the artist. It is here where he creates, inspires and looks for… The creative director of the brand, Adrian Salvador goes and visits the studio of the artist. An artist that he already knows, whose work he has already studied and chosen; but now, he looks for something more: understand the creative process, and understand the artist world.


The drafts. Try, explore, and discover: the inspiration.


bocetos onesixone bocetos digitales onesixone


The essence of what is desired to transmit is the main objective. The impressions of the creator are important, and it starts an inspirational synergy from which emerge ideas that are lately printed on the drafts, digitals, handmade…

It is an amazing process that takes part of each work. This is the essence of each handbag: the inspiration.

We consider that our customers should not miss this marvellous part of the handbag that they finally received acquiring an Onesixone. This is why in the packaging is included a book that contains all this creative process that have given rise to such an important object.


With the inspiration to Ubrique.

With the head full of ideas, the artist and the creative director go to Ubrique, a small village in Cadiz that is famous due to its centenary tradition in leather. There you can breathe the peace of a rural landscape, and the authenticity of the tradition and experience that centuries of leather work have given. A past knowledge of parents to children that does not arouse more than respect and emanates quality material.

Ubrique, España Ubrique

Those are the hands that make our handbags.

There in Ubrique, the artist can appreciate the material that is going to contain his work; he can work with the leather, and is also guided by the expert Adrian Salvador to adapt his inspiration to such a quotidian object that is a handbag.

Depending on the needs of each design, it is going to be used different materials and shapes until the desired handbag is reached.


el artista y el director creativo de onesixone


All possibilities are explored, some ideas are removed and others are added, colours are compared, materials are tested, etc.

Once the final model is decided, it is time to think about the details, the inside, and the hardware. In some cases it is part of the artist decision, and in some cases not. Everything in Onesixone has a explanation and is made in a unique and personalized way.

In conclusion, there is no a recipe of how an Onesixone is made, is too original and complex. From the artist heart, to the hands of an artisan. This is how an Onesixone is created.