As well as people have traits that characterize them (personality types, physical traits …) and make them unique among others, the Onesixone handbags have details that mark their identity, and differentiate them from any others.

There’re many qualities that you may love from our handbags, but there’re very specific details that make them special and unmistakable. Specifically, we’ve synthesized these features in a total of ten details that define the origin of Onesixone.



1. Golden ratio.

The golden number or gold number phi φ (1’6180339 …) symbolizes the so-called “Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion“. The Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 …) is intimately connected to this number. The relationship of this succession with the gold number is that by dividing each number by the previous one in the series, we get a figure that is closer and closer to 1.61803. According to experts, the human eye perceives this proportion and assumes it as beautiful. In other words: everything that is perceived as beautiful by the human eye responds to these dimensions.

Nautilus de Fibonacci

The contribution of the golden number in nature has an extraordinary impact on all artistic branches, the use of this perfect proportion has been used from remote times to the present day. The design of the Onesixone bags is entirely based on these golden proportions, connecting in an exact balance the beauty of the artistic with the truth of mathematical science. If you want to know more about this detail, don’t miss this article.


2. Art.

The connection of these handbags with art is narrow and undeniable. In addition to its structural design (made as if it were a classic sculpture), on the outside, in the skin that covers its shape, is inscribed a work of art from a contemporary artist. The creative director forms a joint team with an artist, to select and create prototypes of the models that will be print later. The skin is made of canvas to receive and show off the selected works of art. The alliance between the enveloping and the envolved is undoubtedly a new concept of artwork.


La artista Kelly Beeman en su estudio

3. Timelessness.

The Onesixone collections don’t respond to seasons. That means taht there is no PV / OI collection as such. Instead of, each collection is based on the intervention of artists. Fashion is ephemeral and changing, but the style and taste for the beautiful is immutable, so in Onesixone we want to firmly guarantee the philosophy of a piece of luxury that is within the aesthetic sphere of fashion, but that moves at an independent rate.



4. Design.

As we have already mentioned, the design of these products is carefully driven by the dimensions of the golden ratio. This means a harmony of the beautiful as a final result. The family of Onesixone handbags is composed of several members, mainly:

  • Gaia: It reminds us of our connection with the earth and with all creation. Symbol of balance, beauty and the power of femininity.
  • Tau: One of the many names that has the golden ratio is given by the nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet TAU. Also known as divine proportion, it is synonymous with balance, harmony and beauty.
  • Gea: It is the personification of the Earth and one of the primordial Greek deities. Gea is the ancestral mother of all life: the primitive goddess of Mother Earth.

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5. Luxury.Packaging Onesixone

Luxury is not necessarily related to the possession of something material, we believe that everything that accompanies this object must be a entire luxury experience. From the design of the unique bag, the limited edition, the packaging, the artist’s book that collects the work and inspiration of it, the quality certificate, and the artist’s certificate that guarantees the originality of the work embodied in the bag…, each of these elements make up a whole that translates into luxury.



6. Quality.

When we talk about quality in Onesixone, we not only refer to the quality of the final product, but to the quality of its origin, the material that makes it real. Made in first class leather, these handbags are born in the most emblematic workshops of Ubrique (Spain), a pioneer in leather goods since 1752.



7. An artist community.

The creation of an artwork requires, among other things, the intervention of a genuine mind capable of giving life to their works through our handbags, giving rise to a new interpretation of it. Each handbag is a blank canvas where the artist can capture his work, or part of it, or even recreate the emotions that nourish his work in a new design. Thus, they dress Onesixone handbags of different proposals that, according to the creative director, will become definitive for their subsequent production.

Los bolsos están intervenidos por artistas



8. The gold touch.

Although there are many elements that make these handbags shine, it should be noted that there are some that shine directly: they’re the fittings that decorate them, in some cases they make up the handle. Small jewels designed by luxury jewelers, and made in 14k gold. They’re incorporated with great care by the craftsmen in charge of assembling all the pieces, giving rise to an exquisite finish. An absolute jewel.



9. The book.

Each of the handbags of the artist’s collection comes with an art-book that collects all the necessary information to know and understand the handbag in its entirety. With a representation of the artist’s original work that intervenes in the collection, as well as details of the inspiration of the collection, this book serves as a precedent to document the artwork that it supports. It is a new item worthy of collecting, for every lover of art who appreciates the values of an exquisite work.



10. Limited Edition.

The production of these handbags is completely parallel to the production of the well-known Fast Fashion. These collections are edited in a limited way, with only 161 units of each one, (again the number of the Divine Proportion), another nod to the harmony that closes the circle of all the details that make up the values of the brand. Onesixone is an emblem of harmony and proportion, and the perfect connection between luxury fashion and art.


Sello de edición limitada