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How to take care of your luxury handbag?

If you think about a piece of art, would you try to rub the surface of it with a common cloth to clean it? Not really, right? It probably wouldn’t last too much, especially if it is the only care it receives. But then, how to do it properly? When we talk about Onesixone, we are talking about limited edition handbags, pieces of arts, and art cannot be preserved in this way. The maximum conservation of a high-end olychrome leather bag is the application of the same premises of preventive onservation that applies to our heritage.

The preventive conservation

There is a well- known maximum:

“Prevention is better than cure”

We can say that preventive care means everything for the right conservation of your Onesixonebag.

Bien, apliquémoslo a un bolso tan particular y único con un Onesixone.

It comes well prepare in order to keep it safe.

When you receive a Onesixone, it comes inside a hard box where you can keep it to maintain it shape; it also contains the book of the creative process of the artist, a authentication certificate, a cloth cover and air filling bags to keep it safe during delivery.

A Onesixone is a piece of art in use, it has been created to be used, to wear it and enjoy it, feel free to do it! But when not in use, follow our recommendations. If you think about it, there is a big chance that your Onesixone will spend most of the time kept, so pay special attention to the place where you keep it:

The place where you keep it:

Your wardrobe can be the perfect place. What you should look for? A stable place in terms of temperature (the majority of wardrobes are) far from the direct sunlight, sources of heat, and especially far from humidity.

The filling. Say NO to newspaper.

It should be empty of any object that can damage the leather for example: a pen that contains ink a sharp object something massively big that can deform the leather if it stays inside the handbag for a long time.

We do not recommend newspaper to fill the handbag if it is going to stay inside the bag for a long period. You should know that the inside of Onesixone bags are also made in leather. The newsprint has a fairly acid PH and is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture) we do not want moisture for the skin, true, but drying it in excess hardens. In addition, with the seasonal changes of humidity and temperature, the newspaper ink can be transferred to the leather surface.

If you still want to fulfil the bag, and feel more comfortable doing it, then we recommend you to use a soft cotton cloth.

The cover.

This cover helps to protect the leather and piece of art avoiding scratch, spots, and protecting it from the sun. Especially when not in use.

The box

The purpose of the box is to avoid the damage in case of any fall. It also allows storing bags with base like our iconic Gaia, in vertical position, that is, as standing. This, vertical position, is the most recommended position so that the shape remains unchanged for years and years.

Your Onesixone should be inside of the cloth cover, with its lining and inside the rigid box. It should be conserved in this way, in a stable place in terms of humidity and temperature.


If you want to clean or polish the metallic hardware, it is recommended to cover with cotton, Japanese paper or silk cloth, the leather sides in order to avoid the product touching or damaging it.

The leather has its own natural oil, this means, it is moisturised. The damage on leather, as it can sometimes be seen, makes it to progressively loss the moisturised: it loss flexibility, shine and it becomes hard. This is why in many places you can find cleaning methods that go through rehydration based on rubbing the bag with a fatty substance but … what if it is polychrome?

We should not use this method since we could remove part of the painting, however well fixed and protected it is. It is a unique piece, not a “battle” bag. The best method is to follow the preventive conservation tips. And if your handbag is suffering a great deterioration, you should contact a professional, just as you would if you want to restore a damaged painting.

Good ideas to take notes.

Some special customers have told us they use an organiser bag inside their Onesixone bag. We consider it a good resource to take care of the leather inside as well as outside.

Exotics skins: Python.

A separate chapter deserves the Python skin of our Aurea Collection. Composed of scales this snakeskin is a true beauty that deserves a delicate treatment. In addition to the recommendations of conservation before exposed, you can use a soft cloth of cotton, slightly moistened only with water and pass it always in the same direction of the scales. If it is necessary to clean an edge, please do not lift the scales; if you do it it would deform it or even break it. You can use some swaps of cotton for these small areas.

If the handbag is properly conserved, this would be unnecessary.

The quality

The printing treatments used by Onesixone are made by professionals in accordance with the quality of the product, permeability of leather and the greatest respect for the artwork of the artist.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate in contacting us. If you have additional or specific questions, please contact us.