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Jan / 20 / 2020
The 4 Best Luxury Deals This Seasonal Sale


If you need to lift your spirits a little, don't forget that January is also the best month for shopping, since ever the most luxurious and expensive brands in the world have the best promotions and discounts thanks to this particular change of season.

Dec / 13 / 2019
5 Reasons Why a Onesixone Handbag Makes the Best Christmas Present

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The time of the year when we go all-out to find the perfect Christmas present for our loved ones, and of course, ourselves.


It can be a tricky challenge to find the perfect Christmas present for someone who has everything. You know you want your gift to stand out and make it a memorable item that holds sentimental value. Something that will be carried with pride, joy, and love.

Jun / 04 / 2019
The quality is in the details. That’s what matters most at OneSixOne.

From the creative director and artisans to the person who packs and ships your bag, all details are taken care of 100%. The idea is that you can enjoy this work of art for years to come. Much can be said about the quality and details of a OneSixOne bag but you will never really...

May / 05 / 2019
5 Extraordinary Mother’s Day Presents

An Extraordinary woman deserves an extraordinary gift, but what can possibly be a suitable present for the woman who raised, nurtured, loves and cares for you? The truth is that there’s probably no gift that is bigger than being given the gift of life. However, there are extraordinary presents that can symbolize and represent the...

Mar / 08 / 2019
5 Reasons you Deserve a Onesixone Bag for Valentine’s Day

As women, we juggle a lot in our lives. A career, social life, relationship – the list can seem endless. This is why we are firm believers in treating ourselves from time to time, whether that’s a relaxing day at the spa or the purchase of one of our designer bags. Although you really don’t 

Dec / 06 / 2018
Onesixone is ahead of 2018 and launches its new website

Minimalism, elegance and design are some of the adjectives that can describe the new Onesixone website. The brand presents a light and pleasant site that focuses on the values of its most artistic bags and in facilitating a pleasant user experience. A greater effort has been made to show the fundamental values of the firm and...

Mar / 06 / 2018
Magi 2018, the last whim

Many are the countries in the world that celebrate with more enthusiasm the Day of the Magic Kings rather than Santa Claus. In the most of the European countries, and many in the south American continent, the 6th of January is full of...

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