Gaia Small Aurea Pink

Design based on the aurea ratio

Unlimited Collection

590 €

What is Onesixone

Onesixone is a luxury handbag brand, conceptualised and designed in Spain, which explores the universe of the number that rules beauty to express the aesthetic philosophy of the golden ratio. Our bags are hand-made in the traditional way, with the same care they were done centuries ago.

We create only 161 numbered and customised units.

We want to be ahead of our time, pioneer, visionary, looking for the harmony of a woman in all aspects creating different and unique experiences through emotions, sensations and new dialogue with the woman.

Artisan quality

The contemporary designs of Adrian Salvador are hand-made by some of the best leather craftsmen of the world, in Ubrique, Spain, that counts on a craftsmanship tradition since 1752.

ONESIXONE has been finalist of the XI National Craftsmanship Awards due to its creation and extreme quality of the production.

The Onesixone experience

The ONESIXONE Aurea Collection is a series of unlimited Edition handbags, manufactured in the most exclusive leather and with golden-plated 14K accessories.

The handbag includes two certificates of authenticity signed by the jeweller and the artisan…READ MORE

Product details
– Leather handbag with inside made of leather with two pockets.
– Hexagonal shape according to the Aurea Ratio.
– Gdeln details, with invisible claps.
– Aditional shoulder strap that can be removed.
– Edges painted by hand and handbag made by crfatsmen in Ubrique.
– size: 22 x 23 x 9 cm
Customer service

Call us: +34 955 996 121

Our service Schedule is: Monday-Friday 10:00 to 20:00 h. GTM +1 or write us here

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