Gaia Mineral Burgundy

Certificated and numbered handbag, signed by the artist.

Limited edition of 161 units

Last units: 9

1.000 €

what is onesixone

ONESIXONE is a luxury handbags brand, conceptualized and designed in Spain, that explores the universe of the number that governs beauty to express the aesthetic philosophy of the golden ration. Our bags are hand-made in the traditional way, with the same care with which they were done centuries ago.

They are produced just 161 numbered and personalized units. 

We want to be ahead of our times, pioneer, visionary, looking for the harmony of a woman in all aspects creating different and unique experiences through emotions, sensations and new dialogue with the woman.

artisan quality

The contemporary designs of Adrian Salvador are hand-made by some of the best leather craftsmen in the world, in Ubrique, Spain, which has been crafting handbags using the traditional method since 1752.

ONESIXONE has been a finalist in the XI National Craftsmanship Awards due to its creation and superb quality of production

onesixone experience

Included in the packaging, there is a book of art that summarizes all the creation process of these exclusive pieces to provide you with a unique experience.

For the Anna Talens Collection, the preface remembers the meeting between Enrique Loewe and the architect Izaskun Chinchilla.

The bag includes three certificates of authenticity signed by the jeweler, the artist and the craftsman…  READ MORE

The artist: Anna Talens

In this Collection, the contemporary artist Anna Talens, reflects on her interpretation of harmony and balance that emerges from the golden ratio that inspires the brand.

The artist turns the bag into a real work of art. Onesixone is a fusion of fashion, craftsmanship and art.

All the jewels are 14k gold-plated, designed by the famous jeweler Helena Rohner.

More about Anna Talens

Product details

– Handbag that belongs to the Anna Talens´s Collection for Onesixone.

– Metallic vaqueta leather bag in an intense red tone that recalls the nuances of Burgundy wine.

– The semicircular handle, hardware and logo are 14Kt gold-plated.

– Characteristic hexagonal shape of the iconic Gaia based on the Golden Ratio.

– Extensible and leather shoulder strap in the same colour.

– Carefull inside of calf leather with inside pockets and magnetics and invisible clasps.

– Handbag made by artisans in Ubrique, Spain.

–  Limited edition of 161 units.

– Size: 26 x 23 x 10 cm

Customer service

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