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5 Must-Have Handbags for Spring/Summer

When the calendar starts ticking over to the warmer months, it can pay to get ready for those spring and summer schedules by getting a bag more suitable to the warmer environments. Whether it’s tanning on the beach, going out for a date or walking down the red carpet of any party, no other handbags on the market will blend in with the mood while vibrantly standing out like the following selection:

Gaia Small Vuelos

Showcasing the artwork of Nanda Botella in collaboration with OneSixOne handbags, the Gaia Small Vuelos features 14kt gold plated hardware combined with an amazing calf leather exterior and napa leather interior. The art from Botella’s work “Vuelos” evokes the imagination by contrasting light with shadow, and deeper colors with softer colors. Her focus and appreciation for language and sculpture is evident in the way this piece speaks to something deeper through its textures and tones, keeping us all captivated.

Gaia Small Girls And Chairs

“Girls and Chairs” by artist Kelly Beeman is an interpretation of the harmony and balance that comes from the golden ratio, also referred to as “phi”. This ratio is a mathematical formula that is seen throughout nature, animals, humans, even in the way hurricanes or our galaxy spiral. It is very effective at producing beautiful patterns and proportions, forming the very basis for all OneSixOne handbag designs and artwork.

Tau Basalto

If you are looking for the next hit summer handbag, the Tau Basalto is what you need and more. Artist Vicky Uslé’s approach to describing perfection as being “an emotionally charged concept” is showcased perfectly, blending her colors with the gold-plated hardware. Much of Uslé’s inspiration in this piece comes from focusing on transitioning between spaces and “seeing the priceless movement of things” rather than the golden ratio, or any specific point for that matter. This seems perfect for those of us who are constantly transitioning between different spaces.

Gaia Small Aurea Sky Blue

Handcrafted in Ubrique, Spain, the Gaia Small Aurea Sky Blue utilizes a charming hexagonal shape designed with the golden ratio, giving it its perfect proportions. Most people who know the OneSixOne brand know that they only ever release 161 units from every collection, however they’ve changed tactic by making this particular bag an UNLIMITED EDITION! Each bag also comes with two certificates signed by both the jeweler and craftsman in order to verify the authenticity when your friends and colleagues don’t believe that they are actually seeing one in person.

Hobo Endless Jeans

Certainly a name that stands out, it is then surprising to see that the name matches the specific design of this bag, and it works! Artist Anna Talens in collaboration with OneSixOne based the core design of this bag on Talens’ “Wind Holders” sculpture. Much of Talens’ work focuses on creating encounters between people and materials/detached elements of life in order to create an identity of both functional and poetic meaning while connecting people to their environments.