The artwork Corona and 5 things you didn´t know about this leather bag

From the canvas to the leather: The work of Art Corona of Vicky Uslé.

The works of the artist Vicky Uslé has been the inspiration to carry out the design of the different handbags that composed the collection of luxury handbags made in limited edition, and that receive the name of the artist.

The creative process and the language of each artist characterised each Onesixone collection. In this way, each handbag becomes a mirror of the artist´s brain. Her ideas, experiences, as well as the way of understanding the brand are also reflected on her designs

Vicky, who has Spanish origins, is considered an international artist. She has exposed all around the world, finding inspiration mainly in nature and architecture. In her works, it can be appreciated optimism and generosity.


The work of art: “Corona”

Her works are drawings that have qualities such as spontaneity, dynamism, freedom, fluidity or lightness, even when some of the images are especially complex.

Her work “Corona” has been the inspiration for the design of the handbag “Corona” for Onesixone. The work of art is full of refractory spaces, built by repeating the movements of the brushstrokes that act as modular or architectural images, floating on empty spaces that are articulated and folded.


En general se puede percibir optimismo pero también seguridad y precisión. Sus pinceladas reflejan espontaneidad, dinamismo y fluidez. Podemos ver entre sus imágenes desde formas orgánicas hasta otras más geométricas  y arquitectónicas. La repetición de los movimientos es lo que provoca esa visión de pinceladas que van dando profundidad y forma a sus obras.

From art to the handbag and fashion.

Being inspired on this work of art, the artist has shaped this concept on the model “Corona” on her collection for Onesixone. The result of this binomial art/fashion: an artistic work immersed in fashion, the perfect and unique accessory that highlights for its excellence and beauty.


It is a handbag totally made in leather, with an inner lining made in nude that recalls the canvas on which brush strokes of different tone flow, cold prevailing. It is the perfect mix to add to a winter look. But it is also essential to highlight any basic outfit, such as a cowboy and a white basic shirt or shirt.

Maria bernad con bolsos Gaia Small Corona

Influencers like María Bernard has already get the handbag “Corona”, and always trust on it to succed in the street style with any of her looks.