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4 Trends to Keep an Eye On This Summer

The beauty of following trends isn´t based on buying the latest hype in fashion only to discard it the following season, but in exploring different designs, colors and shapes to enhance and amplify your wardrobe.

The key element when it comes to buying into and following trends is to focus on ageless pieces that will have a wearable afterlife once the trend passes. It’s about expanding future possibilities, not limiting them.

Discover these gorgeous trends that will make you happy to expand your wardrobe with exclusive and ageless handbags that can last a lifetime.

1. Delicate Touch

A trend to watch out for is the use of more delicate features. Just like how chunky shoes were a big trend last year, this year the fashionistas are going for more delicate characteristics in their items: stilettos, clean cuts and delicate patterns.

The Gaia Bodies Nude handbag which features Kelly Beeman’s masterpiece “Bodies” is the perfect handbag to rock this season, crafted with the finest materials.

This handbag is a delicate piece that will stand its ground without fading away, not only for this Spring/Summer season but for many seasons to come.

2. The Bucket

A balloon style structure that takes handbags to the next level.

The Endless Clutch Mustard is a must have on your bucket list and in your closet this season. This extraordinary handbag is the perfect statement piece to show mesmerizing taste. For this Spring/Summer season we recommend getting it in the vibrant mustard color, however, it also comes in black and copper for Fall/Winter.

Created in collaboration with the artist Anna Talens, its design was inspired by the sculpture “Wind Holders”, as well as being designed taking the golden ratio as a reference to make it perfect and divine.

3. Golden Details

Let it shine with a tasteful golden touch.

This season is about making a discreet statement with a delicate touch of gold. You can try and avoid going overboard like King Midas (who turned literally everything into gold) and focus on the intricate, tasteful details where the true magic rests.

Just like the Gaia Large Vuelos, which also has the gold-plated 14kt hardware designed by famed jeweler Helena Rohner, this item has been designed to beautifully shine without taking the spotlight from you.

4. The Actual Handbag

The Tau Corona’s design is a highlight on its own. It’s the practical accessory to accompany you to any and all cocktail parties and events.

Created in collaboration with Vicky Uslé, this piece of perfection features the “Corona” masterpiece along with gold-plated 14kt hardware.

It´s the perfect blend of talent, art, glow and craftsmanship in one piece.