Gea – The Ultimate Handbag

Jun 14, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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Our handbag, Gea is an elegant and unique bag, like all Kelly Beeman´s collection to which it belongs to. Kelly´s Collection is inspired in many of her works of art.

The Golden Ratio as inspiration.

The model Gea is a handbag inspired in the Golden Ratio, as it can be appreciated in its geometric shape. Gea, also called Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the primordial Greek deities. Gea is the ancestral mother of all life: the primitive goddess of Mother Earth. A versatile design that represents the aroma of our brand.

This clutch apart from its geometric shape, its interior design contains many details. All of it made in leather, it contains an inside pocket, perfectly made thinking of the women´s tangible needs.  It is big enough to keep your lipstick, phone and cards save and sound. We put attention on the details allowing you to wear our bag in several different ways due to the removable strap.


The size, the chain that is included, make of this clutch something easy to wear and easy to carry. You can wear it in an informal way thanks to the shoulder chain, an in a formal way as a clutch in your hand. The versatility in any accessory is essential in order to be able to wear it for any occasion.

The design of this Gea is able in three different patterns:

Gea Clutch Nature: it is based on Kelly´s work Nature. This is a handbag made in leather in blue and nude colors. It contains golden details, designed by the jeweler Helena Rohner.

Gea Clutch Youth: inspired in the art work Youth of the artist Kelly Beeman. The handbag, which is made by leather artisans, contains pink, purple and nude colors. It also has golden details and hardware designed by Helena Rohner.

Gea Clutch Bodies Nude: represents the marvelous work Bodies Nude of the artist Kelly Beeman. It is the most elegant clutch in the collection due to its nude color and the embroideries that delimit the drawing.  The edges are painted by hand and with golden details. Definitely, a real beauty on leather that is already part of  many Royal wardrobes.

Limited to 161 units.

As it is a model designed by the artist Kelly Beeman, it is a limited edition collection of just 161 numbered bags. That means only 161 fabulous ladies can enjoy owning our Gea, Onesixone handbag.

Born in Spain.

All of our bags are carefully hand crafted in Spain. We are professional Ubrique artisans with background specializing in leather.  We carefully treat the leather add the designs and create the bag, resulting in the best quality product for you to enjoy.

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The quality is in the details. That’s what matters most at OneSixOne.

Jun 4, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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From the creative director and artisans to the person who packs and ships your bag, all details are taken care of 100%. The idea is that you can enjoy this work of art for years to come.

Much can be said about the quality and details of a OneSixOne bag but you will never really understand what we are talking about until you see and hold it in your own hands.

Inside of quality.

When it is said that Onesixone handbags are made entirely of leather, we are talking about the same beautiful leather found on the outside can be found in the inside lining.   We craft our bags with beautiful pockets made to hold all your valuables from phone to credit cards.

Jewellery in a handbag.

The quality in the details continues… The prestigious designer Helena Rohner has been the one who has designed the hardware that takes care of the corners of the bag and protects it from the daily use… The hardware we use is fashion forward and practical.

Dress it as you like.

The versatility of design and its timelessness in terms of colors and patterns makes our bags ideal or any outfit, day or night. That is why the inclusion of a removable strap is part of all our OneSixOne handbag designs.

The Packaging

It is not just about acquiring a bag and being able to wear it, but also the pride you feel about having a limited-edition bag. It is presented inside a plush bag with the logo of the brand, which protects it from any damage, and inside a box of ample dimensions that allows storing it with total security. The intention of this packaging is that you can preserve your Onesixone bag and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Included in the packaging, there is a book that summarizes the work of the artist in collaboration with the creative director Adrian Salvador.

Customer Service

Finally, customer service is personalized and done any way the client prefers. We are available to assist with any concern, product questions or if needing fashion advise.

Meta: The quality in the details is essential in luxury handbags. In Onesixone we take care of all the details so that your bag is a real work of art for years.

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Magi 2018, the last whim

Jan 2, 2018 | by Onesixone Bags

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Do you prefer the Three Magic Kings or Santa Claus?

Many are the countries in the world that celebrate with more enthusiasm the Day of the Magic Kings rather than Santa Claus. In the most of the European countries, and many in the south American continent, the 6th of January is full of special moments and presents.

Also for adults

It is about a day to spend with the family, where the main protagonists are the children, who, excited, received a bunch of presents. Whereas, adults and older do also participate during this day, it is also a special day for them. They take advantage and wish all these most wanted desires that have been looking for during the previous year.

Do you remember the origin?

This celebration has its Christian origin and goes back to the birth of Jesus, when he received the visit of three wise men who offered him as a gift gold, incense and myrrh. These have become known popularly as the Three Kings. It is celebrated annually on the morning of January 6, since it is said that these kings during the early morning deposit the gifts in the houses.

What we all hope is to see the next morning, is if the Magic Kings hit. There is no perfect gift, since many people prefer intangible gifts such as a trip or risky experiences. There are also other people who valye and appreciate the fact of a physical gift, to be able to touch it, see it and enjoy it continuously means a constant enjoyment.

We talk about gifts that are considered specials, something as exclusive as a work of art, the handbag of your dreams, in short, those gifts that are for life, and that you are sure will pass from generation to generation.

Reyes Magos


The ONESIXONE bags are a special gift. No one in the world will have the same ONESIXONE, since its exclusive character, with limited editions to 161 units makes this something unique and personal. The intervention of an artist in its design and constitution make it an accessory as well as original, timeless, being an authentic piece of collector, as if it were a work of art. And also, what it supposes that has been made by hand by craftsmen specialized in the skin for hundreds of years, in Ubrique.

We know that there is no perfect gift, but we try to make it perfect for you.

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Know the curiosities of New Year around the world

Dec 26, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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The last day of the year is a date to toast for the good things that have happened during this year, and to let go and these things we do not want to remember any more. Each country has its own traditions and its original way to dismiss the year, each one more original and interesting.

New Year’s Eve in the USA.

One of the most famous places and that is always related to New Year’s Eve is NEW YORK. Although New York is always a good idea no matter when you want to go, it is the place where most people choose to celebrate Christmas. The tradition is to meet in Time Square. At 00.00, the square is crowded of people that meet to see a huge crystal ball going down. While the ball is going down, people start to count down in order to say goodbye to the last seconds of the year.

This tradition is so famous and typical that many are the places around NY that are imitating this custom in a similar way.

Other places in the USA with original traditions could be:

Pasadena, where the party called “Roses Parade” is much known. It consists of a colourful spectacle with many parades with flowers that get to meet many people to say welcome to the New Year.

Orlando is the destiny chosen by many people during this period to celebrate the event. Here you can find Disneyland Park, the perfect place where children and adults have fun.

Chicago is another city where you can enjoy the most special events for these days. It is in this place where you can enjoy amazing fireworks from Michigan Lake, a spectacular show full of lights and colour.

People that are fan of extreme feelings and sensations, snow and sports would love to celebrate these years in Colorado. The Grand Canyon and Aspen are the best places to practise ski. Without any doubt, it is a very original way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

It is in Los Angeles where is possible to attend concerts, ice skating and shows on the water. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in this city can make your days unforgettable. LA also stands out for the free entrance amazing parties of Long Beach, and for the most exclusives parties that take place at Queen Mary.

Other curious traditions.

In Italy is very famous to have lentils for dinner, it means richness and money. This is why this dish is a must in every Italian dinner during the 31st.

In Spain, the tradition says to eat 12 grapes with the first 12 seconds of the year in order to say welcome to new twelve months.

The Danish tradition commands to break the crockery after the New Year’s Eve dinner . It represents affection and good luck for the upcoming year.

In Philippines, the streets are decorated with polka-dots. People dress in that pattern, no matter which garment is. For them, the dots are synonym of richness due to their similarity to a coin.

No matter where people spend this night, what matters is that is a special date to celebrate in the best way and with the people we love.

ONESIXONE wants to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Wherever you celebrate this day, our best wishes are for you.


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Onesixone is ahead of 2018 and launches its new website

Dec 12, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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Minimalism, elegance and design are some of the adjectives that can describe the new Onesixone website. The brand presents a light and pleasant site that focuses on the values of its most artistic bags and in facilitating a pleasant user experience.

A greater effort has been made to show the fundamental values of the firm and the art that surrounds it, so attached to it, that it has made these leather bags a unique cult object.


Thinking about the customer

The web is created with two aspects:


For those who do not have time a purchase more fast and easy.

When the customer knows what he wants, he can quickly access a simplified purchasing process, superfluous steps have been eliminated and he can go directly to buy, if that is what he wants.



For retailers, who like to investigate, they can discover Onesixone.

The web is light, but only in appearance. There is a lot of “hidden” information thought for those who want to know more about something concrete just have to click.

The brand carries a great artistic, symbolic and material load that provides added values that are sometimes unknown. Issues such as that only 161 numbered and certified units are manufactured from each bag, or that the artist who designs the collection expresses his inspiration in a book that is edited and given away with the purchase of the bag, that the manufacture is handmade and performs in Ubrique (Spain) because they are the ones that best take care of the skin that forms the bags.



The bag, the protagonist

The client has spoken and we have listened, the new product card allows you to buy without more, directly, but also gives you access to everything you need to know to be sure that your chosen bag is the right one.

All the information of the product, as well as links to enlarge it, can be found by clicking on the drop-down menus in the lower area, as well as the images of the bag above and the model below.


The Artist Collections and their creators

The artists behind the collections deserve to continue having a prominent place where they can learn more about their inspiration in the creation of the collections that bear their name.

Describing how art is created is not simple, but nobody better than its architects to express it.


Security and tranquility

Security has always been a priority in the brand and continues to be so, secure payments with encrypted data as guaranteed by law are guaranteed, and the entire website has been protected, not just the store. So you can navigate with absolute tranquility.


The Window to the World

Onesixone is an international brand, so the Gallery of influencers, celebrities and personalities who wore a bag of this signature in different events could not miss.

Neither the corner of the press, written and digital, which includes the numerous appearances in international media of this brand of Spanish origin.

And more directly, the blog and social networks of Onesixone that allows a more informal and direct interaction with the public.


From the Onesixone team, thank you for being there. We hope you like the new website, after all, it is for and for you

Felices Fiestas



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The perfect Christmas Look. Leather and metal.

Dec 12, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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Christmas dinner, meetings with friends, family, colleges… Christmas has already arrived, and for all those events, you wish to be perfect and look your best outfits.

During this Christmas parties, you want look gorgeous and fashionable. This is why we propose you some tips to combine your garments and ideas of accessories.

A very feminine garment.

Firstly, it is necessary to highlight a very basic and feminine garment that is always fashionable. It is the dress. It does not matter the texture, colour or print, as you will always hit the target. A red burgundy or black dress is always an excellent option. tHose colours are the ones that best fit with during this time.

Also, dresses are a very stylish and flattering garment. A good option to dress with a sexy dress would be high heels and midi coat. The sophisticated detail of the look would be in the election of an original handbag. It could be a metallic handbag like the ones of the “Anna Talens” collection for Onesixone. This is a safe bet to triumph during this Christmas dinners.

Basic and correct.

The trousers are a very combinable garment. During this time of events, there is always a perfect occasion to wear them. Dressing an outfit where the trousers are the main garment is always a successful choice.

For Business dinners it is always a correct option to wear black trousers with a silk shirt. In this way, you will sophistication and glamour to your Christmas look.

look navideño en onesixone

The perfect texture.

For Christmas events, an outfit based on velvet texture is a fabulous election. It is a fabric that allows you to be sheltered at the same time you are stylish and confortable. It is a total good choice.

You can bet for a jacket in any colour, a trouser, a dress or even a two-piece suit.  The combination of one of these garments with a metallic handbag, like the ones designed for Anna Talens in minerals, would be an infallible choice for a night party.

Accessories, the key in every look.

The perfect detail for a night party outfit is the accessory.  It always gets to transform a simple look into an original look. Jewelleries such as earrings and rings provide this necessary and glamourous essence. In addition, this season originals earrings are on trends.

There are two garments that are necessary n every wardrobe: handbags and shoes. They are the perfect accessories to create the perfect chisrtmas look. The high heels always slenderise and provide elegance to the look. Handbags can get a look to stand out among others. Look for a special handbag and triumph. The handbags Minerals by Onesixone are these complements that get your look to shine by itself.

The Minerals Collection consists of leather bags designed by the artist Anna Talens. This limited edition collection of 161 units is inspired in the Kintsugi technic. It is a metallic collection of handbag perfects for party events. They are made in three different colours, but all of them stand out for their beauty and their metallic shine.


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Anna Talens work of art and inspiration

Dec 4, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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The Artist

Anna Talens is an artist born in Valencia, Spain, although nowadays she lives in Berlin. It is in this city where she has developed great part of her artistic career, and where she has found inspiration for many or her works.


This artist studied in “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, where she was reckoned as Summa Cum Laude in 2011, and later on she received the Price of Best Thesis of the Year.

She has a broad academic background, as she has enjoyed different abroad experience as student, and she has worked as professor and also as researcher in many European universities.

Anna Talens Work 

Anna Talens based her creation process on two principles: the use of hand-made repetitive process, and the reuse of objects that already exist. What is known as object trouvé.


The results of her work are unique pieces that connect the viewer with something known and something unknown, getting the ordinary to be extraordinary. It is about a transformation process of the existing materials of the tangible world, as she described.

In her work, the artist uses artistic resources like the repetition, arbitrariness and the accumulation, by cultivating a perverted minimalist by the presence of the colour and texture of the material.



Anna Talens artista

Anna Talens always try to look for the beauty of the imperfection on objects, reflected of the manual processes and the shape of the elements of the natural world.

All this inspiration can be reflected in her multidisciplinary works that covers from installations, to sculptures, photography and canvas. A walk around this exposition is amazingly able to let you fascinated and dreamy in front of the work of art. It shows that the reuse of objects can get something ordinary into something extraordinary



Anna Talens has been the second artist, after Vicky Uslé, in collaborating with the luxury handbag brand ONESIXONE. On her work on the handbags, together with the creative director of the brand, Adrian Salvador, the artist has been loyal to her personality and artistic entity and has known how to illustrate what has been previously exposed.


Behind this collection, “echoes from my former creations can be heard: gold craft based on the Japanese technique Kintsugi; handmade metallic crocheting, endless pin fields which invite you to touch… in short, the recreation of a dreamlike world that speaks about life and the common mysteries to any human being existence.” It concludes Anna Talens.


From this collaboration emerged the handbags from the Endless family: Hobo Endless and Endless Clutch, as well as the iconic Gaia inspired by the artist.

The Hobo Endless is a breaking and different handbag from the original Gaia that represents the brand, although it follows the Aurea Proportion that characterised ONESIXONE. The shape of the handbag transmits sophistication as well simplicity

The Endless Clutch is also based on textures that have inspired the expositions of the artist.  The verticality of this elegant model, similar to the fall of a drop of water, a vegetable bud or a flower that opens in the same way as the bag, expresses the harmony of the golden design that inspires the brand within an infinite pattern.

Finally, the iconic Gaia inspired by the golden works of the artist. Three different models of the same small handbag based on minerals, as if it were jewels.


The inspiration and work of Anna Talens for ONESIXONE allows an extension of her art to a more wearable way, democratizing the art. This is why, it is included on each handbag of this collection, a book of art in which it is explained all the creation process, as well as the joining work the creative director Adrian Salvador, and some reflexions of the artist. On the preface of it, it is included a conversation between the prestigious Enrique Loewe and the architect Izaskun Chinchilla. It is a precious sample that you would find inside of a magically presented box.


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The luxury bag, from the perspective of Greta Fernández

Nov 30, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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Greta Fernández: “The power of a bag can be very strong”.

Young actress Greta Fernandez gives an interview to Glamor Spain magazine, where she declares her passion for luxury handbags. The interpreter focuses on the power of a good bag, which is able to completely transform a look depending on the way it is weared, while highlighting the personality that it can provide to an outfit. Greta defends that the bag is a versatile piece, capable of reflecting the identity of whoever wears it.

In a recent interview given by young Spanish actress Greta Fernandez to Gamour Spain magazine, the interviewer asked her about how a handbag may identify her, to which she replied: “It should be like luxury: comfortable and versatile.” After her answer, she was asked again why to invest in a luxury bag: “The best things in life are free, and the second best are very expensive.” “I think the power of a bag, depending on how you use it, can be very strong. My favorite bag, I can wear it with any other ítem of clothing, and it is a complement that helps the whole outfit to stand out. A bag always says a lot about your personality. “That is why it is important to choose this complement according to our personality, so that through its design and the materials it is made with, it is able to transmit a lot of who we are, with what we identify… A bag is, in short, a reflection of ourselves. ONESIXONE handbags aim to be the reflection of a modern, cultured woman with a strong personality, who is interested in art that is transformed into beautiful pieces and creations that turn to be premium quality handbags. From the choice of the most select leather – from Ubrique – to the tradition and craftsmanship that is indicated in our delicate finish, passing through the elegance of the accessories created by Helena Rohner, and the exclusive designs that give life to our pieces, being a work of our creative director, Adrián Salvador, ONESIXONE luxury handbags aim to be the personal and strong reflection that every woman of today would feel flattered to have.

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ONESIXONE, a finalist in the 2016 National Craftsmanship Awards

Oct 20, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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ONESIXONE has become to be finalist of the XI Edition of the National Handicraft Awards in the category of product, awarded to the best handmade products or collection, during the last two years.

The brand, dedicated to the manufacture of luxury handbags, adds this award, recognise by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitivity , to the portfolio of a firm with a great international expansion.

ONESIXONE brings together fashion, art and craftworks in its final product. The firm looks for the design of luxury bags, based on trends and art.

The harmony and perfection of its design style is due to the conception of the shapes, inspired by the Golden Ratio, which give name to the brand (161 … ONESIXONE)

That purity of lines and balance represents the beauty of the woman that wears the bag. And the craftsmen are the most suitable to pamper the skin forms of the best quality with which they are made.

For each new collection, the artist, who is carefully selected, works with the creative director of the brand Adrian Salvador, and the jeweller Helena Rohner. The total is more than the sum of the parts and a unique product is designed.

The next step of the creation process of the product is the handcrafted part. Once the models to be created are designed, the next labour is in hand of the prestigious professionals of Ubrique. They are professionals of the handcrafts that have been working for many years with high quality materials, like the leather used to produce those luxury units of this brand.

The work obtained after this process is unique, interceded by an artist, numbered and signed by him, and it also includes the certificate that is an authentic limited-edition piece of 161 units. Those 161 units is what makes the brand exclusive. A product destines to the person that looks for something unique that mix art and tradition with handcraft.

The ONESIXONE brand can be found on the looks of endless celebrities and distinguished people, that goes from the ex-First Lady Michelle Obama to influencers like the Spanish Maria Bernard, Adriana Abascal, Fiona Ferrer, Joana Nolasco, Rachel Zoe, Michael Salas, Gabriela Palatchi, Mara Teigen, Jessi Malay, Thania Peck or even Lady Gaga.

Even different Real Houses are able to enjoy this exclusive and limited pieces of art.

ONESIXONE is present in the world of beauty, luxury and art that this brand emits, and that can be appreciated both in the bags and the women that bet for them. There are many magazine articles in which the brand and the bag have appeared.

Magazines such as Vogue, YoDona, SModa, Bazaar, Madame, Match, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and even the New York Times have echoed this luxury brand.

ONESIXONE have presence in shops of the whole world, in different boutiques of recognised prestige.

In Europe, it can be found in the United Kingdom, concretely at Fenwick in London. Also, it is in France, in 51 Montaigne, Cannes and in Spain you can find the bags at El Corte Inglés in Serrano Street in Madrid or at El Corte Inglés of Marbella.

In the USA, ONESIXONE is present in the shop Theo Clothier. In Canada concretely in Toronto at Hugo Nicholson. And in Brazil at Via Flores.

In the Middle East, it can be found in the United Araba Emirates at the O Concept Shop in Dubai and at Tryano in Aby Dhabi. In addition, there are also ONESIXONE bags in Arabia Saudi at Rubiayat.

Lastly, it is also present in Asia, specifically in Japan and South Corea. The shops are Strasburgo in Tokyo, My Boon and Galleria Seoul in South Corea.

In addition to the own store in the web:, in Fenwick and on the luxury section of El Corte Inglés.

ONESIXONE, a firm in full expansion, where art, crafts and fashion unite to give a turn to luxury, representing the elegance and beauty of contemporary women.

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