5 Extraordinary Mother’s Day Presents

May 5, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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An Extraordinary woman deserves an extraordinary gift, but what can possibly be a suitable present for the woman who raised, nurtured, loves and cares for you?

The truth is that there’s probably no gift that is bigger than being given the gift of life. However, there are extraordinary presents that can symbolize and represent the love and respect that you have for your mom.

Most Mother’s Day presents tend to be extremely cliché, and lack originality. If you want to surprise your mom and give her something different, keep on reading and discover the best presents for this Mother’s Day. Say “I love you” in other ways than just words.

1. A Divinely Designed Artistic Handbag

No, we’re not talking about an ordinary Louis Vuitton handbag that anyone can have. We’re talking about an exclusive and artistic handbag that’s been designed with the Golden Ratio in mind and it’s beautifully painted by the artwork of several world-renowned artists, such as Nanda Botella, Kelly Beeman, Anna Talens and Vicky Uslé.

The ONESIXONE handbags are a treasure in a divine shape that fuses art with fashion and outstanding craftsmanship. It’s a gift that can last a lifetime. A well-thought-out present for an extraordinary woman who values more than just a name. It is for those extraordinary women who seek originality and breathtaking design. Shop your favorite here

2. A Baobab Tree from Madagascar

The Baobab Tree is not just any tree. It is one of the rarest types of trees in the world, and it is also an endangered species. This gargantuan sized tree can grow to be up to 65ft tall and live for up to 3000 years.

A Baobab tree is a perfect way to represent care, nurture and love. When young, it requires attention and care, but when it becomes a young adult and its roots are stronger it can flourish on its own. You can find baby Baobabs online.

3. A Weekend Away

Your mother and you are grown women who can lead independent lifestyles. However, this doesn’t mean that your mother misses you any less than when you were a toddler. A mother is a mother forever, and spending a relaxing weekend away can be a fantastic present to strengthen the bond between you two and spend more time together.

You know your mom best, so you’re the best one to decide whether she would prefer a tropical beach or engaging museums in a big city.

4. A Video of Memories

Go through homemade videos and pictures of the past and select the best. You want videos and photos that depict your mother’s life at its best. From the moment you and your siblings came into the world, to the day you graduated from university. Hire a professional video editor to put together the videos and photos, and you can create the narration of the video with your own voice.

It would be a personal and creative gift that will take you and your mom down memory lane. Check out this professional service of freelancers that can help you Fiverr

5. Sign Your Mom Up to a Course

Discovering a new passion is always a great way of keeping a soul young. You can give sign up your mom to a course that she might find interesting, and help her explore new activities. You can make it extra fun and sign up yourself. This way you both would be sharing time together learning new things.

Make sure to listen to your mom when she talks about her dreams, this will give you clues for what courses she might be interested in.

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Magi 2018, the last whim

Jan 2, 2018 | by Onesixone Bags

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Do you prefer the Three Magic Kings or Santa Claus?

Many are the countries in the world that celebrate with more enthusiasm the Day of the Magic Kings rather than Santa Claus. In the most of the European countries, and many in the south American continent, the 6th of January is full of special moments and presents.

Also for adults

It is about a day to spend with the family, where the main protagonists are the children, who, excited, received a bunch of presents. Whereas, adults and older do also participate during this day, it is also a special day for them. They take advantage and wish all these most wanted desires that have been looking for during the previous year.

Do you remember the origin?

This celebration has its Christian origin and goes back to the birth of Jesus, when he received the visit of three wise men who offered him as a gift gold, incense and myrrh. These have become known popularly as the Three Kings. It is celebrated annually on the morning of January 6, since it is said that these kings during the early morning deposit the gifts in the houses.

What we all hope is to see the next morning, is if the Magic Kings hit. There is no perfect gift, since many people prefer intangible gifts such as a trip or risky experiences. There are also other people who valye and appreciate the fact of a physical gift, to be able to touch it, see it and enjoy it continuously means a constant enjoyment.

We talk about gifts that are considered specials, something as exclusive as a work of art, the handbag of your dreams, in short, those gifts that are for life, and that you are sure will pass from generation to generation.

Reyes Magos


The ONESIXONE bags are a special gift. No one in the world will have the same ONESIXONE, since its exclusive character, with limited editions to 161 units makes this something unique and personal. The intervention of an artist in its design and constitution make it an accessory as well as original, timeless, being an authentic piece of collector, as if it were a work of art. And also, what it supposes that has been made by hand by craftsmen specialized in the skin for hundreds of years, in Ubrique.

We know that there is no perfect gift, but we try to make it perfect for you.

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