How to rock your Onesixone?

Aug 9, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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Every occasion and every event require a well-thought-out outfit that can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Handbags have become the quintessential accessory to enhance any outfit. You can be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but with the right handbag your outfit will make you look like a million bucks.

As you’ve seen with so many celebrities, most times it is not what you wear but how you wear it. It’s part of having the style and knowing how to make a statement with each accessory and understanding how to make your ensemble look the best.

It is as if you were to hang a beautiful Monet painting in the garage. Such a masterpiece deserves to be shown to the world in the right environment. When it comes to handbags, the world deserves and needs to see these masterpieces with the right outfit, and on the right occasion.

Here are some ideas of how you can use your Onesixone for different occasions and outfits.


 Gea Vuelos

This beautiful handbag was designed by famous artist Nanda Botella. Its design is based on the golden ratio. It’s a small red and blue masterpiece, with 14kt gold-coated jewelry. Every inch of this design has been carefully hand-crafted.

British actress Amy Jackson rocked this elegant and exquisite handbag at the 2019 British Academy Awards. Elle magazine considered her as one of the best dressed celebrities of the event.

The Gea Vuelos handbag is the perfect accessory to create an elegant look for any formal event. It’s small enough to keep the attention centered on your dress, but big enough to draw everyone’s eyes to you. Find it here.


 Gaia Small Bodies Nude

The Gaia Small Bodies Nude is the perfect complement for a casual/formal event and outing. Whether it is an elegant brunch or dinner in town, this stunning handbag is embroidered with Kelly Beeman’s “Bodies Nude” artwork.

The color and hexagonal design, again inspired by the golden ratio, makes it the perfect go-to bag to embellish any outfit.

Fashion icon and aristocrat Queen Rania of Jordan used this handbag to welcome President Alexander Van der Bellen of Austria and his wife Doris Schmidauer in their visit to Jordan. Get yours right here!


Endless Clutch Mustard

A different concept that brings brightness and elegance in the form of a bag, it is truly a piece of art.

This is what we would call a statement piece. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a casual dress, the Endless clutch mustard can and will spark up any outfit, while keeping your ensemble elegant and sophisticated.

Designed by Anna Talens her collection is minimalistic, made with different materials, forms and colors, shop her collection here.


Gaia Small Aurea Old Pink

Minimalism has never said so much as this unique and exquisite handbag does. Made of calf leather, it’s a piece of art that offers exclusivity, elegance and sophistication.

The glamorous British singer Pixie Lott is one of the many famous celebrities who are huge fans of the Gaia Small Aurea Old Pink handbag, rocking it with a satin pink dress for the Attitude Pride Awards 2019 in London’s Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel.

Considered one of the queens of style by the Daily Mail, Pixie Lott is a fashionista that has an eye for detail and a taste for luxury. The Gaia Small Aurea Old Pink handbag is for the fashion-wise and people with a refined taste.

Discover aurea collection here.

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5 Examples where art and fashion merge

Jul 12, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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Fashion and art have been creatively related for thousands of years. Since the ancient Egyptian civilizations, we have seen how societies have focus detail, attention and creativity into making fashion garments accomplish not just a necessary function, but to exalt a meaning and an intention.

The present is no exception when it comes to expressing art through fashion. The difference is that many ignore to see beyond a garment to focus on the artistic importance and the deeper meaning that is trying to transmit.

Carry on reading and discover artistic personalities who are expressing their creativity through fashion.

1. Jewelry and Art

Helena Rohner is a jeweler who has found inspiration in her native land of the Canary Islands to design authentic and extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

She draws her inspiration from the elements and has created a way of transmitting the magic of the nature that surrounds her and take it into her designs. Where you can wear sublime notions such as a ray of light, mixed with the strength of the earth in the form of a mineral, shaped to create elegant and practical pieces that can enhance any outfit. Shop her collaboration with Onesixone here.

2. Shoes and Art

What kind of list would this be if we didn’t mention that master of shoe design, Manolo Blahnik. For decades his pieces of art have been worn by celebrities, aristocrats and by wealthy shoe curators, who find the value of art in every step they take.

3.Handbags and Art

OneSixOne is the representation of divine forms transformed into elegant, mesmerizing and breath-taking bags and purses, that takes beauty to the next level.

Each bag is delicately designed and crafted taking every detail into consideration. The final product is an authentic and exclusive piece of art, created for those who seek magnificence in every piece that they carry with them.

From aristocrats to knowledgeable celebrities, the OneSixOne bags attract delicate and selective taste that is drawn to the very best. Uniqueness, art, exclusivity, and divine designed, shaped into a bag.

4. Illustrations and fashion

This self-taught illustrator has been making a name for herself in the fashion and art world around the globe.

Her work has been acclaimed by power fashion houses such as Loewe, Celine, Fendi, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, and Elie Saab. With whom she has worked with, receiving positive reviews.

Her unique style is rapidly making her a household name. With publications in magazines like InStyle, Interview, Vogue China, Marie Claire Italia, and Vogue Corea. Find her collection for Onesixone here.

5. Clothes and Art

With only 25 years of age, this self-made success has opened himself many doors in Hollywood and the fashion world, thanks to his astonishing talent, eye for detail and original ideas, that are revolutionizing the fashion world.

Among his clientele, he has famous names such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, who have become regular customers.

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Onesixone, the Brand that emerged from art

May 13, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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What is Onesixone?

According to the definition provided by the luxury expert Susana Campuzano in her book La formula del lujo, Onesixone is defined as a niche luxury brand, which thrives on culture, creativity and innovation.

Onesixone creates handbags in limited edition collections designed by contemporary artist and created in Ubrique, Spain. With only 161 of each type of bag made, your investment maintains exclusivity and is of the highest quality.

Genesis: the golden ratio.

The brand concept is unique, and it has its origin in the golden ratio which originates from 1.61- the first three numbers given to the name of the brand: Onesixone (161). It is not only present in the name, but also in the designs of each collection. The intention was to create a brand that goes further.

The description of the golden ratio as the divine proportion fits perfectly, since it is seen by many as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the beauty and spirituality of life, revealing a harmony hidden in many of the things we see.

It is in this intriguing dialogue about beauty, harmony and elegance that Onesixone is born, imbued with everything that the golden ratio represents and wanting to go further.  For example, the shape of the iconic Gaia bag responds to proportions that are those of the golden rectangle, arranged in equidistant points back to the diagonal of the first square of the golden ratio. But not only that, the position of the hardware, the design of the logo, everything that surrounds Onesixone is submerged is the divine proportion.

The materialization of art.

We produce handbags limited to 161 units of each so that we can handcraft works of art. Each bag is numbered and certified.

Adrian Salvador, creative director and the jeweler, Helena Rohner, are the responsible for each Onesixone bag.  There is an artist selected for each collection, therefore collection features a style of its own but all with something in common: the golden ratio that combines contemporary art and traditional art in a harmonious way.

Together with Adrián Salvador, the design of the bag is determined, and Helena Rohner creates the details that give the finishing touch.  Each and every piece we create is based on innovation and luxury.

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Elegance, art and design: The Golden Ratio

Apr 17, 2019 | by Onesixone Bags

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Do they have anything in common?

2,300 years ago, Euclides of Alexandria already talked about the ratio derived from the division of a line, following what he calls “extreme and medium reason”.

The division of a segment with this proportion, is equal to the number 1,61… Onesixone.

The Fibonacci Succession and the Golden Ratio are like two sides of the same coin. This is represented by the Greek letter Phi, in honour of Fidias. Phi is the first letter of the Greek sculptor, developer of the proportion and beauty of the human being.

It was Luca Pacioli who named this proportion in 1509, in his work “De Divine Proportione”. And it was Durero, who, years later, published how to draw the golden spiral, based on the golden ratio.

The Divine Proportion on Nature.

There is something special in the amount of petals of a flower, between the ratio of the thickness of the trunk and the branches of a tree, in the distribution of the leaves in a stem or the seeds of the plants, in the spirals of a pineapple, of the center of a sunflower, of a snail, …

Many similarities to not see a pattern: the beauty of simple and complex.

Golden ratio on art.

Studies like those of Dr. Fechner have shown that the perception of beauty lies in the golden ratio. That which comes closest to the number Phi Φ (1.61 …), will be perceived as more beautiful and perfect. This notion of beauty and perfection is applicable to architectural structures, paintings, musical scores, fractals and people.

From the Parthenon of Athens, to the work of Mario Merz (s XX), through Mozart, or Da Vinci. Artists have used this proportion, sometimes consciously and sometimes intuitively, to compose their visual, musical or architectural works.

The Golden Number and the contemporary design.

It seems amazing that the portrait of Mona Lisa and the logo of Twitter would have anything in common. It’s true, its proportion is related to the golden ratio or 161. This proportion is used by great designers, as well as by artists, to provide their works with balance and proportionality.

The handbags collection is created based on this proportion, and the name of the brand comes from the Golden Ratio, Onesixone.

So now, you can say your bag is aesthecally perfect. Meet the entire collection and buy yur favourite here

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Nanda Botella

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“Chance is not a “mechanism”, or a given strategy, but a process of production of differences that, in turn, has very varied forms”

Having joined the world of art at a very young age, Nanda Botella (Valencia) creates paintings and installations that are nourished by a very colorful and vibrant aesthetic. Nanda opens a window to the world of reinterpretation of dimensions, where creativity and imagination play a leading role in her work.

She actually defines herself as the golden ratio; as rational as a number but as irrational as nature. Nanda was immediately able to relate her work and her way of working with the foundations of OneSixOne. Light, space, time, structure, accident and the progression of pigments evoke, again and again, the conception of nature as a source of imperfect creations; which converge at a point of perfect beauty.

The lines that traverse this artist’s work are an invocation of the depth, which intends to introduce/transport us to the interior of an abstract epicenter; to give way to a space interpreted from contemplation to pause.

We can understand Nanda Botella’s aesthetics as a collage of memories and dreams that she invites us to enter. In the composition Light and Shadow the landscape acquires a new dimension, as if its innate intention was to capture our dreams and cravings. This is how the contradiction between light and shadow shapes elements in the artist’s imagination.

The transgression often attributed to Nanda is adapted as style, to elude all types of formal stereotypes that can limit the execution of an aesthetic where there is no break with the past, but rather a sense of continuity with the best of art throughout history.


Onesixone: Nanda, what is the origin of your work?
Nanda: The need to communicate, to show, to transmit life as I see it.
O: How did you start off in the world of art?
N: I think I was born initiated. At age 6, I painted my first landscape with oil paintings.
O: What are you trying to transmit through your work?
N: I feel a huge curiosity toward experimenting with different materials. I am interested in iron, ceramics, wire, linens. I love the transparencies and the movement you get by crossing and superimposing colors.
O: Tell us a little about the three works that were created for the bags.
N: Accepting a vision at first sight causes us to lose many things. I want to show that there is a background, another interpretation, that is sometimes more conclusive. You have to give creativity time. Through these cracks, you can discover another dimension where you have the chance to seduce the mind so that it believes; to “provoke the imagination.” The colorful impact of depth, transparencies and different planes generates new forms that evoke sensations and reflection. That is the goal.
O: Who are these bags for?
N: They are intended to be for any woman who wants to differentiate herself from the rest. I have a very specific visualization of an attractive woman, not only physically, but a person you would like to know.
O: How was working with Adrián Salvador?
N: You know that feeling of being safe, relaxed, “understood”? I got so much pleasure out of working with him. Ideas flew and materialized without any difficulty because we see things the same way. Adrián is a great designer and a great person. It is very easy to work with him.
O: How was the experience of working in Ubrique?
N: Interesting. It allowed me to realize the creation of art in all of its dimensions. For an artist, it is a gift to have the means to give your work the dimension you expect.
O: Tell us about the peculiarity of writing backwards.
N: When I started writing, I moved my right arm very little. I was definitely more agile with my left. My parents and teachers were very alarmed to see that I wrote backwards and tried all means to correct it so that I would write from left to right, yes, with my left hand. But I kept writing my notes or in my diary in secret from right to left. One day, someone showed me a book by Leonardo Da Vinci in which all his texts were written backwards. From that day on, no one said anything else (laughs).
O: Where can we see your work?
N: Currently at the Shiras gallery or on my website,
O: Where can we currently find you?
N: In my studio/gallery on Calle Puerto Rico 48 in Valencia. Although I travel a lot, you can still find me at the hotel that I designed for my son in Nido Palawan, Philippines. I have brought landscapes and colors from there that have helped me create many of my works.
O: What are your next projects and exhibits?
– OneSixOne.
– Mural in El Barrio de Carmen Valencia.
– Art MADRID Art fair.
– Collaboration with Shiras Gallery, Valencia.

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5 Reasons you Deserve a Onesixone Bag for Valentine’s Day

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As women, we juggle a lot in our lives. A career, social life, relationship – the list can seem endless. This is why we are firm believers in treating ourselves from time to time, whether that’s a relaxing day at the spa or the purchase of one of our designer bags. Although you really don’t need an excuse to treat yourself right, we’ve conjured up a list of five reasons why every woman deserves a onesixone bag.

  • Smart investments
    Let’s get into this idea of bags as an investment. First of all, our bags are made from such high quality materials that they can easily survive decades. You could very well leave your bag as an heirloom to your daughters and granddaughters. It is a piece of art that can be worn and enjoyed to its maximum, and admired for years to come.
  • Outfit upgrade
    A onesixone bag makes every outfit fabulous. You could wear your most casual outfit and our Endless Hobo or Gaia Large would still look amazing with it. It’s an instant outfit upgrade!
  • Best friends forever
    A handbag is a woman’s best companion, in good and bad times. A bag will never judge you for eating one too many macarons or speaking your mind in the moment. It will always be there by your side, through thick and thin.
  • Love at first sight
    A gorgeous shape, that perfect hardware and the smell of the beautifully handcrafted leather; the feeling that you get when spotting our bag for the first time. That’s love at first sight. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the sensation.
  •  Who runs the world? You!
    You’re an incredible woman who works hard and does deserve the very best. A onesixone bag is a purchase you will never regret.
    Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day or drop a not-so-subtle hint to your sweetheart. With unique style and divine proportions to put you in touch with the universe, love lives at onesixone.
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Kelly Beeman: Fashion illustrator for Onesixone

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Fashion artist and illustrator Kelly Beeman is the third artist to collaborate with luxury handbag brand Onesixone. She has also worked with Elie Saab, Loewe and J.W. Anderson

Who she is

Kelly Beeman is a self-taught fashion illustrator based in New York.

She has worked with a number of renowned brands including Elie Saab, Tory Burch, Loewe and J.W. Anderson.

Her work has been published in Vogue China, Vogue Korea, Marie Claire Italy, InStyle, Interview Magazine and Numero Tokyo.

Though she considers herself shy, Kelly remains active on social media, where she shares her work, inspiration and even her studio; a window into her world where one can appreciate and come to understand each brushstroke.

Works and inspiration

Her work features black and white contours that paint a portrait of a vibrant world composed by garments and items in daily life. There is a focus on figures; principally women with angular faces and intense gazes.

Beeman is deeply interested in the relationship between fashion and culture, and is inspired by fashion as an aspect that is always present in daily life. By “dressing” the characters in her paintings, she uses fashion as a tool to create personalities, stories and context. She explores the meaning of trends and personal appearance in modern culture.

Her connection and prominence in the fashion world is essential, which is why her personalized collection for Onesixone was a natural collaboration.


Bags Beyond Kelly Beeman

Beeman’s work for Onesixone features unique designs created specifically for the bags. In her own words, “In my creation for Onesixone, I was inspired by the idea of connection, approach and human conflict in a series of works in which fragments of faces, bodies and nature form an abstract representation of unity”.

Though Kelly Beeman currently resides in New York, during her collaboration with the leather handbag brand the artist enjoyed intense days of work and inspiration in Ubrique alongside creative director Adrian Salvador; to create what is now available as Bags Beyond Kelly Beeman.

In addition to the brand’s iconic Gaia bag, her collection contains a new and entirely different model. The Gea bag enjoys its own harmony and meaning.
For this collection, illustrator Kelly Beeman has represented her work in a completely new technique for the brand: embroidery. It is a technique that has a powerful metaphoric meaning; to be alive is to be interlaced with other living beings.

In the Gaia Small model we discover two evening bags, one in blue with black embroidery, and the other in white with monochromatic embroidery and metallic handles. It is exquisiteness refined in a bag; a work of art engraved in leather.

We also find the models Girls and Chairs and Youth, characterized by a color and a powerful feminine spirit.

The largest version of the Gaia is has three different designs. The Nature and Face models stand out with a range of blue tones and the presence of women and traces of nature that characterize Kelly Beeman’s work.

The spectacular Bodies Nude’s motive is in line with the values that make Onesixone a brand that promote the empowerment of today’s woman.
Finally, there is the new Gea model, which follows the parameters set by the golden ratio with a geometric shape. Its design culminates with an additional gold chain and leather inner lining.

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Anna Talens work of art and inspiration

Dec 4, 2017 | by Onesixone Bags

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The Artist

Anna Talens is an artist born in Valencia, Spain, although nowadays she lives in Berlin. It is in this city where she has developed great part of her artistic career, and where she has found inspiration for many or her works.


This artist studied in “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, where she was reckoned as Summa Cum Laude in 2011, and later on she received the Price of Best Thesis of the Year.

She has a broad academic background, as she has enjoyed different abroad experience as student, and she has worked as professor and also as researcher in many European universities.

Anna Talens Work 

Anna Talens based her creation process on two principles: the use of hand-made repetitive process, and the reuse of objects that already exist. What is known as object trouvé.


The results of her work are unique pieces that connect the viewer with something known and something unknown, getting the ordinary to be extraordinary. It is about a transformation process of the existing materials of the tangible world, as she described.

In her work, the artist uses artistic resources like the repetition, arbitrariness and the accumulation, by cultivating a perverted minimalist by the presence of the colour and texture of the material.



Anna Talens artista

Anna Talens always try to look for the beauty of the imperfection on objects, reflected of the manual processes and the shape of the elements of the natural world.

All this inspiration can be reflected in her multidisciplinary works that covers from installations, to sculptures, photography and canvas. A walk around this exposition is amazingly able to let you fascinated and dreamy in front of the work of art. It shows that the reuse of objects can get something ordinary into something extraordinary



Anna Talens has been the second artist, after Vicky Uslé, in collaborating with the luxury handbag brand ONESIXONE. On her work on the handbags, together with the creative director of the brand, Adrian Salvador, the artist has been loyal to her personality and artistic entity and has known how to illustrate what has been previously exposed.


Behind this collection, “echoes from my former creations can be heard: gold craft based on the Japanese technique Kintsugi; handmade metallic crocheting, endless pin fields which invite you to touch… in short, the recreation of a dreamlike world that speaks about life and the common mysteries to any human being existence.” It concludes Anna Talens.


From this collaboration emerged the handbags from the Endless family: Hobo Endless and Endless Clutch, as well as the iconic Gaia inspired by the artist.

The Hobo Endless is a breaking and different handbag from the original Gaia that represents the brand, although it follows the Aurea Proportion that characterised ONESIXONE. The shape of the handbag transmits sophistication as well simplicity

The Endless Clutch is also based on textures that have inspired the expositions of the artist.  The verticality of this elegant model, similar to the fall of a drop of water, a vegetable bud or a flower that opens in the same way as the bag, expresses the harmony of the golden design that inspires the brand within an infinite pattern.

Finally, the iconic Gaia inspired by the golden works of the artist. Three different models of the same small handbag based on minerals, as if it were jewels.


The inspiration and work of Anna Talens for ONESIXONE allows an extension of her art to a more wearable way, democratizing the art. This is why, it is included on each handbag of this collection, a book of art in which it is explained all the creation process, as well as the joining work the creative director Adrian Salvador, and some reflexions of the artist. On the preface of it, it is included a conversation between the prestigious Enrique Loewe and the architect Izaskun Chinchilla. It is a precious sample that you would find inside of a magically presented box.


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