Unusual handbags

Would you like to have something different to wear on special occasions? Would you like to know about firms that have unusual handbags of luxury design? Then you cannot miss the unique concept that defines Onesixone and the handbags they sell which are inspired by the golden ratio. Talent, effort, and the excellence of artisan manufacturing are also key in order to get the iconic models they have which not only meet all the expectations but also break away thanks to an ambitious artistic component.

Unusual handbags that are taken care of in every detail

We can confirm that Onesixone creates unique handbags. Our idea was to use clean, elegant, and balanced models as a base so that different artists could get creative and show their aesthetic interpretation of our philosophy. Thus, every six months we invite an artist with a special creative and contemporary vision to produce his/her own design for our handbags. Our collections are composed of 161 units only.

Our handbags are something more than just expensive handbags, they are something exclusive thanks to the commitment and care we provide to every single handmade unit. Our designs are universal and they are inspired by the golden ratio classic rules. However, their origins are Spanish, something that is obvious because of the manufacturing's quality: leather made by artisans from Ubrique, an Andalusian town full of leather manufacturing history. Also, our attention to detail has helped us to achieve excellence and to present to our public distinguished proposals thus making us an emerging international ladies handbags brand.