The most popular handbag designers

From Onesixone we both aspire to be between the most popular bags designers and make the difference with our unique way to understand this complements design, leading to also unique bags. Don’t you know us yet? Our brand is characterized by betting for the permanent reinvention and application of the avant-grade to our fashion production. So as to this, we are based on elegant and balanced bags models, Adrián’s Salvador work with Helena’s Rohner details, whose essential inspiration is golden ratio.

The labour from the talents with whom we work each six months is the one that contributes to consolidate us between the rising bags designers. It comes to brands we select because of their reputation and creativity to give them the opportunity to apply their own vision in our bags, expressing themselves in different models we exclusively launch onto the market. 161 is the number of pieces that each of our collections has, in which guest artists get amazing designs by expressing their own inspiration.

New popular bag’s designers

In this way, we have won to be one of the new bags brands more respected by specialists and enthusiastic amateurs from luxury and fashion world thanks to a daring concept, as we invite you to know in our own web site. The best thing is that you also have the opportunity to order your favourite model in our online bags boutique, so we ease you to take pleasure in all our exclusiveness.