The limited Bags

In the event you would like to enjoy wearing all the exclusiveness that limited bags offers you, you’ll like to know Onesixone’s concept. We are a Spanish origin and global dimension brand which is characterized by launching unique author designs collections, handcrafted manufactures and limited units. From the Adrian’s Salvador and Helena’s Rohner original idea, an emerging brand in artistic field provides it collaboration every six months to shape a new collection which recreates the versatile elegance from our bags in unique pieces. Each series consists of just 161 units handcrafted following the Andalucian leather tradition from Ubrique.

If you would like to surprise at your most special events or in any occasion with an exclusive and cared design which is difficult to see anywhere else, you can’t miss the chances our guest designers provides you, employing some basis models holding as a canvas on which to express their own vision. It’s about bags of which lines and measures are inspired by golden section, shaping in this way a design characterized by its harmony and balance.

The limited bags you were waiting for

As you can check, in our web site you’ll find more than an online handbag boutique, because what we present you is a proposal with own truth personality which has already received attention from prestigious fashion publications. Enjoy wearing our bags made in Spain and present in luxury boutiques distributed in different cities all over the world.
Keep looking forward to our new collections to discover more ideas which would excite you, always starting from the master lines which have gain us the most demanding people’s favour with its complements choice. Bet on a distinguished and artistic brand.