Spanish bags designers

Do you believe there are certain common features shared by Spanish bags designers? Be so or not, Onesixone’s proposal includes in the values amalgam which makes it unique, a huge esteem for handmade manufacture tradition which makes possible pieces such as the one we suggest, with so much character and so unique each one. We design and make in Spain each one of this creations that today place us between the international emerging bags brands to follow closely. The careful and venerable manual labour of artisans who work leather in the Andalucian town of Ubrique, huge neuralgic high range leather centre in our country, constitute an indispensable element from this pieces attractiveness..

Spanish luxury bags designers

As you can notice, we take advantage of all the traditional value putting it at the service of our daring concept of exclusive bags. It’s about a key element to reach the creative process which has brought us the pleasure from prestigious magazines and boutiques from different countries. If you still don’t know our collections features from our Spanish design bags brand, you’ll love to discover a proposal distinguished by it artistic inspiration and it permanence of reinvention.

And the thing is that we present collections where different brands from all over the arts world lead to flow their creativity and own style on our bag model, with a versatile design and high quality Spanish leather. This creators includes on Onesixone’s bags different beautiful and full of personality proposals which goes with the exclusivity that means the fact that each series is only made of 161 pieces, handcrafted and absolutely unrepeatable. The best thing is that you can get one of this luxury ladies bags in our website.