New handbag designers

If we are to talk about new handbag designers, Onesixone's business and creative concept is worth mentioning.  The brand not only presents a unique proposal designed by Adrián Salvador and decorated by the jeweler Helena Rohner, but it also opens a door to new visions in fashion, visions that the artists that take charge of our collections every six months contribute with.

We make available our symmetric and balanced handbags to different artists so they can make manifest their creativity on it as if it was a canvas, thus developing very distinctive interpretations of its aesthetics. The results we obtain are unique, eye-catching and elegant creations that bring innovation and reinvention into the fashion market.

New handbag designers bringing innovative proposals

Therefore, our innovative designer handbags are the sum of the meticulous work carried out by our team plus the unpredictable contributions of consolidated and emerging artists who are making themselves a name for their creative vision. This ambitious idea has worked well and it has established us among the emerging women's handbag brands which would not have been possible without the work of the leather craftsmen and our commitment to first class manufacturing.

We aspire to excellence and distinction through every element that interferes in the creation and production of our handbags. The opinion of both, the fashion sector and the public, have reinforced the idea that our proposal is innovative and with personality. Do not forget that our handbags are available at renowned boutiques around the world and at our luxury handbags online store.