New handbag brands

In conversations about new bags brands, Onesixone’s name strongly resounds thanks to a concept stand up because of it audacity in creativity and commercial issues, just like it high quality standards in each production stage. A symmetrical and balanced design inspired on golden ratio, Adrián’s Salvador work with the perfect ending from Helena Rohner, works as basis in a concept with more and more followers thanks to the facilities it provides for a continuous reinvention and for a fashion in permanent contact with avant-grade’s art world.

This is one of the most distinctive features that make us to stand up among the other emerging bags brands for boutiques and specialized magazines. We provide creative talents, whose names also strongly resound, a special chance to join their own vision with high design fashion complements. When expressing their creativity in our bags, we get pieces with really particular beautiful interpretations. In this way, in each collection we launch, you’ll find works full of personality, undoubtedly, a distinguishing element in any outfit.

Innovating proposals from new bags brands

It should be pointed out that the whole making process from our bags is at the height of what an ambitious concept such as the one we advocate and a special task as the one our artists do deserves. The manufacture is guaranteed because we leave our bags in the best leather artisans from Ubrique hands, such as it is hoped from Spanish bags designers as we are. Discover all the details and, especially, explore all our bags range online, being able to buy easily the one that you want.