ONESIXONE presentation at El Corte Inglés

ONESIXONE presentation at El Corte Inglés










OneSixOne presents its second collection in Madrid

Under the title ENDLESS, Berlin-based Spanish artist Anna Talens has created a collection of 18 limited-edition models that are already on sale at El Corte Inglés in 47th Serrano street, in Madrid.

A breakfast and the subsequent presentation were attended by magazines directors, journalists, stylists and bloggers who were able to know our new collection accompanied by Onesixone team.

Onesixone introduced the new designer handbag collection, created by the artist Anna Talens, to all the fashion’s world press at the new accessories corner of El Corte Inglés. Among the attendants were some of the most prestigious magazines such as Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Instyle, Glamor, Reason,, Vogue, AR, Harpers, Bazaar, Wallpaper, Telva, Yodona, GYJ, ELLE and many other stylists and celebrities. El Corte Inglés, located on a central spot, is entering into a new phase with new handbag designers made of expensive women’s handbags offered to their consumers. This is a clear commitment of craftwork linked to contemporary luxury and to limited edition handbags. It is a new way of creating pieces of art in which ONESIXONE is the difference of the new Spanish handbag’s brands that are beginning to compete on the luxury handbags‘ market.



Enrique Loewe: a gorgeous guest

The event was attended by Enrique Loewe who along with Izaskun Chinchilla who wrote the prologue of the artist inspiration book that comes with each handbag of this new luxury women’s handbags collection. It has come up with new models and designs in comparison to the previous collection designed by the artist Vicky Uslé, which was also presented at the Maryam Nassir showroom in New York last December; an event that was very welcomed by the international press.

Anna Talens designed handbags belong to a collection of limited edition handbags of 161 units inspired by the shapes of the golden ratio and the infinity symbol. These are two geometric shapes that give us a sense of eternity and existential philosophy and that represent the existing connection between all things. The artist has used in these branded ladies handbags a series of basic colors, in some way, looking for timeless elegance. The artist has applied the Japanese technique kintsugi on this luxury handbags brand. 



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