ENDLESS by Anna Talens

ENDLESS by Anna Talens


The luxury handbag brand Onesixone was pleased to have Anna Talens’s collaboration for one of its exclusive handbag collections. Anna Talens is a Spanish artist born in Valencia and nowadays established in Berlin. Anna is Fine Arts Doctor and also artist. Although she has studied her career and her doctorate in Valencia, she has many other international studies. Among all the countries where she has developed academically and professionally are Germany, Australia and United Kingdom.

Annas´s work is based on the encounter between her own experiences along with the different objects that appear in her way. Annas´s main inspiration are objects. In one of the posts of “Una habitación propia” blog she said that she played with the real dimension of objetcs, their texture and the capacity of evocation.

“The object itself is a narrative that helps me to build an identity”

Endless Anna talens Collection paper inspiration

Materials and inspiration

Anna gives great  importance to the materials used in her works. Therefore, when choosing them, she does it so delicatelly and carefully. The selection is usually made according to the poetic value. She usually uses materials that stand out because of their age or their origin. Materials are art for her.

She also usually opts for including natural objects. Anna loves working on them with her own hands. She usually enjoys this meeting. Some of the most outstanding used materials are silk, copper, glass and paper, and other types of pieces.

Anna sometimes doesn´t find usefulness to those objects at the beginning. Actually the inspiration comes later and that is when it gives them usefulness. Because that she usually has different materials and objects in her studio. In this way it serves as an inspiration. Some examples of materials she has used are on her website.

Luxury collaboration

Anna Talens  worked a few months ago with Onesixone luxury handbags company. This collaboration has consisted of designing an exclusive collection of bags. This collaboration was made with Adrián Salvador. And she has also worked with artisans of Ubrique.

The exclusive design of this Endless collection consisted in the creation of high design handbags, shaping their work and connecting it with the golden ratio. Because of this, the design has figures of the golden proportion and infinite. These figures usually represent eternity and existential philosophy. This artist has used basic colours.

Some of these great designs can be found in our website or in some of the boutiques distributed around the world.

Onesixone designs every season a different and exclusive collection of only 161 units. Units that give name to the brand. These collections of exclusive brand  handbags are carried out by different artists. Anna is one of these artists selected to collaborate with our brand.

“In the collection I have created for ONESIXONE, I merge the figures of the Aurea circle and the symbol of infinity. Two geometric patterns that speak about eternity and the existentialist philosophy built upon the idea that there is no beginning and no end. They both symbolise, as well, the invisible connection amongst all things in the world. Basing my selection on basic colours and tactile sensations, I have gone searching for the silent beauty and timeless elegance. Behind this collection, echoes from my former creations can be heard: gold craft works based on the Japanese technique “kintsugi”, handmade metallic crocheting, endless pin fields which invite you to touch… in short, the recreation of a dreamlike world that speaks about life and the common mysteries to any human being existence.”

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