ENDLESS by Anna Talens

ENDLESS by Anna Talens






“In the collection I have created for ONESIXONE, I merge the figures of the Aurea circle and the symbol of infinity. Two geometric patterns that speak about eternity and the existentialist philosophy built upon the idea that there is no beginning and no end. They both symbolise, as well, the invisible connection amongst all things in the world. Basing my selection on basic colours and tactile sensations, I have gone searching for the silent beauty and timeless elegance. Behind this collection, echoes from my former creations can be heard: gold craft works based on the Japanese technique “kintsugi”, handmade metallic crocheting, endless pin fields which invite you to touch… in short, the recreation of a dreamlike world that speaks about life and the common mysteries to any human being existence.”


Anna Talens, artist

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Onesixone presented its new Kelly Beeman's handbags collection in Catch L.A with important fashion influencers and media.

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