Luxury women’s handbags

In the luxury handbag market for women, Onesixone’s proposal stands out because it is full of personality. Our creations have designs of contemporary taste and, at the same time, an artisan manufacture’s touch. We have launched a handbag line of the highest level that originates in the know-how of its creators Adrián Salvador and Helena Rohner. Each of their creations is customized in partnership with art firms that apply their particular interpretations to our formats, thus transforming each and one of the handbags in something unrepeatable.

Limited Edition Luxury Women’s Handbags

Our numbered and carefully crafted units enjoy the exclusivity and the incomparable character that a woman always seeks when she wants to wear an accessory that makes a difference. There are only 161 units included in each collection we sell turning this proposal into a reference point in its own right in the field of luxury handbag brands. The designs that define the brand are not simply designs, they bring into the creation an added value of deep artistic intention focused on harmony and balance, both epitomized in the golden ratio, the general inspiration to the whole concept of Onesixone.

Our exclusive women´s handbags are available worldwide at our online store. We ship to more than one hundred countries around the world. In addition, we would like to emphasize that we have a presence in prestigious boutiques located in different cities such as Madrid, London, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Dubai. Do not forget to check all the renowned boutiques in which you will be able to find our collections of inimitable handbags and with our guest firm’s personality imprinted on them.