Luxury handbag brands

Luxury handbag brands are always expected to bring elegance, proposals that stand out and which are special and unique. Those who have already discovered Onesixone’s creations agree that these are designs with a very special personality because of their ambitious project and for the remarkable exclusivity of each piece, given that our collections consist of 161 numbered units only.

Our handbags stand out because we, as high-end handbags manufacturers, offer something truly unique that blurs the lines between fashion and art. There is nothing more exclusive and inspiring than handbags designed by renowned authors who apply their creativity and artistic background through their own visual codes on Onesixone’s iconic designs. Every six months we launch a new collection designed by one of these guest firms, thus creating infinite possibilities on a model that, because of its balanced beauty, becomes the ideal canvas to turn art into fashion.

An innovative bet in the luxury handbag brands’ field

Onesixone’s logo symbolizes truly unusual handbags that give personality to any look. Thus, Onesixone has inspirational creations shaped as elegant handbags with well- defined lines. To the original idea of Adrián Salvador, completed by Helena Rohner, we also added all the creativity and talent of the artists who are able to apply their interpretation of our philosophy on our handbags. Hence, we make a difference among handbags designers, impacting with an innovative proposal on the most outstanding boutiques located worldwide.