Ladies handbags brands

Even though it is not easy for a new ladies handbags’ brand to start, Onesixone has already received recognition for its uniqueness and daring by those interested in fashion worldwide. The concept focuses on designs of great versatility, which are made by Adrián Salvador based on the golden ratio rule, that can be modified by the artists we invite according to their interest in our creation. Hence, every six months we have a new designer handbag collection made by a guest firm that applies its particular interpretation of the concept to our handbag by using different patterns, colors, and textures.

However, what does the brand mean? All these new interpretations are limited to 161 numbered hand-made handbags, thus, resulting in very special units for the woman that wears them. This exemplifies what can be expected from expensive women’s handbags: exclusivity with an artistic component that makes our handbag become something distinguished and aesthetically fascinating.

Ladies handbags brands of unprecedented proposals

Certainly, our consolidation would not have been possible if the collections themselves did not respond to the expectations created by our initial premise and by the impact our handbags had on specialized media. These are the only reasons why have we been able to place ourselves as a leading women’s handbag firm with a clear personality and more and more coveted proposals. We continue to work closely with artists such as Anna Talents or Vicky Uslé to bring closer our creations to an international audience. You can order online or find our collections in renowned international boutiques.