High design bags

We can claim that we have a place in the high design handbags field because our creations meet all the desired requirements: an iconic and filled with purpose line of design; limited and exclusive collections; a detail oriented and full of tradition artisan manufacturing; and the capacity to innovate continuously with the same shapes that identify our brand. All this comes with an innovative and fruitful concept that differentiates our brand from the others and that has drawn the attention of top magazines and boutiques.

Our collections have achieved excellence thanks to the high design accessories that compose them and which are made by prestigious artists. We invite a new guest firm every six months to work on our iconic and versatile design created by Adrián Salvador and Helena Rohner. Thus, artists use our handbags as a canvas to develop a new creation, to get creative, and to contribute with new colors and textures through their own vision of our concept. Every new collection that we launch is a unique reinterpretation of the golden ratio proportions that define Onesixone's handbags.

High design handbags made in Spain

We have connected the artisan's leather tradition of the Andalusian town of Ubrique with the contemporary creativity of artists who are the temporary handbag designers of our collections. Buying one of 161 units that compose every collection is like buying a small piece of art. All this makes our collections part of something truly new, thus making a name for ourselves among the luxury handbags brands and helping us appearing at renowned magazines and at very exclusive boutiques.