Handbag designers

Adrian Salvador and Helena Rohner’s work at Onesixone has placed them among the most popular handbag designers in recent years. Their daring concept has helped them to appear in some prestigious magazines that have praised their proposals. It is a specific and ambitious concept that results in units that stand out because of their own personality and the unique process that places them in the market.

Our handbag’s design proposal starts with the right balance on classic pieces. Based on this premise, we have created a series of elegant, balanced, and distinguished models which have the ideal proportions to be completed by the intervention of the contemporary artists we partner with. The result are temporary collections of high designer handbags in which artists apply their inspiration and personal touch, thus providing new weaves, ends, colors, and textures. These are 161 numbered and limited units that give our brand a name.

Spanish handbag designers

We cannot miss the fact that the hundred-year-old Spanish tradition of manufacturing handbags plays a relevant role in our production too. The work that the craftsmen who shape our natural tanned leather handbags do is essential for our designs to make an impression. That work makes each and every one of our handbags a truly unique piece full of charm. Those interested in purchasing expensive handbags will find Onesixone’s proposal to be truly unique and exclusive, with high quality design, materials and elaboration.