Hand bags international brands

If you are one of this people who have a permanent curiosity about discovering international bag brands which provides newest perspectives or more celebrated creations, it’s probably that Onesixone’s name is already familiar to you. Whatever it is or not, you’d like to know our brand because we introduce a project with defined characteristics and also with a bet which combine excellence and genuine regarding to design and manufacture. We are a Spanish brand who has presence in markets from different countries through renowned boutiques.

In this way, you have in us an international repercussion bag’s brand easily recognizable at the same time that it doesn’t ceases to surprise with its collections. This is due to our good defined concept, consisted of our designs recreation by own voice artists with a promising and consolidated career. Discover the iconic and versatile from our bags models created by Adrián Salvador and Helena Rohner, and delight yourself with infinite possibilities that creative brains obtain from them, with which we unit to reach a surprising and new collection twice a year.

International bags brand with personality

This daring and peculiar proposal, transformed in the good result we have in each collection, has allowed us to be at the height of what the sector nowadays demands so as to an emerging brand as the ours could strengthen between the most popular bags designers for an expert public. If you would like to wear such attractive and distinguished pieces as the ones we present you in Vicky Uslé collection or in Anna Talens Endless bag series, do not miss the chance of having one of this highly exclusive creation: each series consists of exactly 161 units.