Expensive women’s handbags

There's no doubt that when you explore the latest trends in expensive women’s handbags you are looking for something more than just a tag with a high number on it. Onesixone is a firm that has launched distinguished creations, with a concept meticulously crafted by other renowned firms. That concept is opened to constant reinterpretation based on the golden ratio made by both, emergent and established artists who take care of our biannual collections by applying their own creative vision to our handbags’ form. The final touch of excellence is added by the leather craftsmen who are in charge of carefully manufacturing every unit that has our brand on it.

In this way, the expensive women's handbags you can find in our online store or at the luxury boutiques in which we have a presence, are a special choice whose uniqueness and attention to detail make them become unrepeatable and unforgettable creations. The collections we launch, with a new guest firm’s design every six months, are composed of 161 numbered units only. These are real limited edition handbags full of creativity that take advantage of their line versatility.

Expensive Women’s handbags with a distinct proposal

Our designs have reached all continents thanks to a clear and attractive vision, and thanks to the great contributions introduced by the collaborating artists, thus renewing and uplifting the attractiveness of the different luxury women’s handbags that we give shape to. If you would like to have one of our handbags, you can check the availability at our online store and place your order easily from home. You have in your hands the opportunity to get a handbag crafted with ideas from the classical principles, the Spanish tradition and the contemporary daring that give rise to unique creations.