Expensive women bags

When it is time to look for the new expensive women's handbags that get into the market, more and more people who feel passionate about fashion become amazed by the offers Onesixone has. We have given shape to an exclusive concept that starts with the classical principle of the golden ratio, continues with the value of the Spanish tradition, and ends up standing out thanks to the various contemporary artists that apply their particular vision to the collections we launch.

Only two collections of 161 numbered units get into the market every year thus making our luxury women's handbags a very special piece of art that gives women the exclusiveness they desire on an accessory that shines on its own merit. And this is what some boutiques placed around the world, and which sell our handbags, have understood. Every six months we partner with a new creator to develop exclusive versions of our expensive designer handbags in which they can express their vision of art and their way to understand these fashionable accessories.

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Various specialized publications already know about Onesixone collections and its sought-after units. These are unusual handbags that will attract everybody's attention, without any doubt, thanks to their balanced line beauty at its artistic component. We invite you to have fun checking our latest handbags and to explore their availability at our online store. We ship to more than 100 different countries. It is within your reach to wear a creation treated carefully in all aspects and designed to contribute as something unique to your outfit.