Expensive handbags

Buying an expensive handbag, whether you want to give it to someone as a present or just to splash out, is much more than just its price when it comes to Onesixone creations. Every single one of our handbags is a unique unit carefully crafted from beginning – conceptualization – to end -manufacturing. It has several features that have attracted the attention of the public, press, and renowned boutiques. Therefore, the price of these expensive women’s bags becomes an investment on an exclusive accessory of artistic value.

Expensive handbags with character

Which are the elements that have placed our creations in the handbag collector market? Onesixone designs are enriched by contemporary artists who take care of our collections every six months. Thanks to their classical lines design and their golden ratio proportions, our handbags become a canvas upon which artists, both renowned and rising, can let their inspiration go free.

As a result of uniting fashion and art, we have very special, limited, and numbered creations, something that gives to every single one of our handbags a deeper value. The concept we brought to the market stands out and it gives our clients sensitivity in the form of fascinating designs. Let yourself be surprised by the incomparable designs that have made Onesixone one of the most valued women’s handbag brands in the last years thanks to their daring and uniqueness.