Onesixone has become a renowned brand not only because it presents expensive designer handbags but also because it brings innovation, creative efforts, and excellence in the artisan manufacturing of the units thanks to the leather artisan tradition of Ubrique. We believe in the value of uniqueness and exclusivity and this is why every single one of the designer handbag collections, that we sell every six months, has 161 units only.

Expensive artistic designer handbags

The most remarkable feature of the handbags is the careful and ambitious creative process that takes place when giving them shape thus designing exclusive designer handbags’ collections. Our foundation for success consists of a handbag’s shape premised on the golden ratio which seeks a harmonious and balanced beauty. Therefore, the designs of our director, Adrián Salvador, and the accessories made by Helena Rohner, constitute an ideal concept that gives shape to our distinguished creations.

When someone buys one of our handbags, that person is also buying a small piece of art. In every single one of our collections a different artist expresses his/her interpretation and ideas of our concept. Therefore, for those who love meeting and enjoying new handbag designers, Onesixone offers them every six months a new, daring line of design full of personality. Do not forget to check the list of boutiques where you can find our products. You can also check their availability on our website. We do fast worldwide deliveries.