Endless Bag

If you have discovered the attractiveness and personality that Endless bag exude and you would like to own this high design creation, Onesixone is the responsible brand of this collection in which Anna Talens provides her own reinterpretation from our basis models. This is our brand’s essential concept, and as you can notice, results are enjoying a great acceptance between the most demanding public, at the same time that maintains a remarkable exclusivity. And the thing is that our name makes reference to the fact that each collection makes a total of 161 articles.

Endless bags collection is more than a collection: it’s about a bet in which fashion, art and philosophy goes together. To the golden section, basic component of design in which our guest brands work, the artist includes another geometrical pattern as it is endless sign, inspired by existentialist philosophy. From a sensorial view, this bags present basic attractive colours and crafted texture that follows Anna Talens work. Do not stop to look up all the details in relation to our made in Spain bags and you certainly couldn’t resist to get a complement which is itself a complete artwork.

Getting an Endless bag online

Our website offers the opportunity to buy home delivery some creations from this collection that has contribute to consolidate our status between the most popular bags designers, so do not stop exploring the catalogue we put at your disposal. Afford yourself a craving which owns high inspiration and creativity doses in a unique piece, or make a really special present to a person who knows to appreciate a work like this. We invite you to know the proposals from other artists who have already worked with us.