Designer handbag collection

What we do is something more than just a simple designer handbag collection; we open a door to the world of unlimited possible variations thanks to the idea of creating the models we have by Adrián Salvador and Helena Rohner. Every six months we hand our well-defined and balanced line of handbags to a different artist, whether emergent or established. These contemporary firms have the opportunity to turn our handbag into something new through their own interpretation and joining together their style and our philosophy.

Therefore, Onesixone brings a well-defined and remarkable concept into the market and into the exclusive designer handbag’s field. It is an ambitious idea that succeeds and a determined commitment that we fulfill thanks to the care we provide, the efforts we make in every stage of the creative process, and the quality of the materials we use which allow the handbags to be shaped in the best conditions possible.

A designer handbag collection with personality

Art and exclusivity are often paired and our handbags are an example of that. Every collection is composed of 161 numbered units. Those who enjoy seeking for expensive women’s handbags have an option now that pairs luxury and exclusivity among other things. The handbags’ innovation and desirability have placed them in the world’s most famous magazines and boutiques. Do not miss the chance to discover what makes our creations unique. Remember that we offer you the possibility of easily ordering our luxury handbags online.