Branded ladies handbags

Those who seek for elegant and innovative branded ladies handbags cannot miss Onesixone's special proposal. We have formulated an ambitious concept based on an iconic design, created by Adrián Salvador, upon which various artists can develop their creativity. Out of these collaborations, exclusive and unique collections are born and we sell them every six months. These collections have a charming personality and they are all different interpretations of the same elegant, golden ratio proportioned handbag.

If you are looking to invest in designer women's handbags to offer someone a valuable gift or to indulge yourself, you cannot miss the unique creations emergent and well-established artists design for our collections. We cannot fail to mention our commitment to handcrafted manufacturing and the value experts with long experience in the treatment of leather contribute with. This allows every single one of the 161 collection units to become truly unique.

Discover what makes our branded ladies handbags unique

The imaginative and individual aesthetic proposals reflected on our handbags, as well as the concept that has shaped them, have attracted the interest of the international fashion industry, so that our luxury women's handbags can be found, up to date, in renowned boutiques in Madrid, London, New York or Dubai, among other cities. Thus, we have now established ourselves as a specialized firm in selling exclusive limited edition handbags.