Bags made in Spain

If you’re interested in made in Spain bags and you feel like to know some of the innovating brands in the country, or if you have heard about a proposal you like and you would like to know anything else from it, you are invited to know Onesixone’s labour. We are a brand who shows off its origin, giving to their bags the unbeatable details from the handcrafted manufacture of leather experts in Ubrique, at the same time it forms alliance with some of the more interesting emerging talents from visual arts in the country.

This is the way we launch onto the market Spanish luxury bags in which each detail is carefully cared, anything is left to fait and everything contributes to shape irresistible creations. Each six months we present a new collection from the guest brand creative action, working from an iconic bag conceived by Adrián Salvador which allows the development of diverse proposals about his lines inspired on golden section. The multiple artistic and philosophical influence that each creator reflects in their designs leads to unique complements, as the Endless bag by Anna Talens. And they are really unique because there are only 161 pieces in each collection.

Made in Spain high design bags

So, with Onesixone’s bags you have the chance of taking home a really special piece which represent an avant-grade bet in fashion world in a country where lot of ideas and contrasts. A high range bag with which to surprise and distinguish yourself, in charge of one of the new bags brands that are consolidating and reaching international repercussion thanks to its own personality and innovation desire.